Thursday, June 5, 2014

Intrinsic Value

As part of remodeling my flooded Family Room, I threw out a TV, a 25" cathode ray tube beast that still worked as well as when I bought it.
No one I know wanted it.
Purple Heart wouldn't pick it up.
So I put it out on the street with the trash this morning.
I don't know if they took it, or if someone else got it.

If someone else took it, I'm happy.
That means it had use still and someone was blessed (or cursed) by it.

It means that someone found value in something I found less in.

But it meant that the value of the TV was relative.

A few years ago, it was worth a few hundred bucks to me, but not today.

Did the value of the TV go down or the value of the dollar?

We know the value of the dollar has decreased, but what holds constant value that we could measure the worth of that TV against.
Gold goes up and down relative to the dollar, to oil, to real estate, as does the dollar.
I remember hearing years ago that the value of a new Lincoln was a certain weight of gold in the 20's, and that the same amount of gold would still by a new Lincoln.
Is the new Lincoln a constant, or is gold?

What is a constant, something that will purchase or redeem the same amount of something else, year after year?
I gave it a lot of thought.
OK, I thought about it on the drive home.
I wondered what had value that hasn't changed over the years.
The answer I came up with?

The human soul.
It is still worth the Blood of Jesus.


  1. Priceless. I did guess the answer correctly though. And maybe all lead weighted 500 lb CRT TV units go to heaven.

  2. There's not much on the interweb that blows me away. Your words just did.

    1. That means so much coming from you. Thanks.

  3. Very well said, and truly stated - thank you, and may God bless you.

  4. amen and a much needed reminder ED! Have a fabulous weekend my friend~!:-)

  5. This is terrific and I laughed out loud at "Only the Protestant ones!!" :-)
    What a wonderful thought; the soul will always be worth the Blood of Jesus. I love that we know HE knew that. When he died for our souls.
    Thanks for this; much to ponder. And such happy, fulfilling pondering.

  6. Ed, you crack me UP! :-) THANK YOU! xxx