Sunday, March 8, 2015

Extreme Soul Winning

I heard her on the radio last year and thought her story was interesting, but she has a lot to say about how she was brought in to a relationship with Christ.
If you are interested in bringing people in to the Kingdom, she tells how she was.
If you don't know who she was before the person she is, she was a liberal left lesbian college professor.
She is living proof they can be reached.


  1. I wrote every one of these archetypal liberal destroyers off completely. Goes to show, never say never. But she is the extremely rare exception of one who is truly lost making their way back to the light. I don't go out of my way to find those needles in those millions of haystacks.

    1. Not be a jerk in response to you, Fredd.
      I'm glad God left the 99 to find me.

  2. Interesting and yes, good news! One at a time...

  3. I love these conversion stories. Our society and culture today is so twisted and evil and vigilant in its recruitment of souls. Who will stand against it as an example and fountain for Truth? Thanks Ed.

  4. Her book is OUTSTANDING. I couldn't put it down. And she was as liberal (she probably is still politically liberal, by the way) as they get. And she's extremely articulate , as you could see in the interview. Very well written book , and very inspiring. It's miraculous, really, how she changed.

  5. always looking for inspiration..will come back and watch soon! xoxox