Sunday, May 17, 2015

Today's Bible Study

Open your Bibles to .... Oh man, Somebody did this already.

I was on the radio yesterday, same show, twice. It's a good show.
First comment was about GPS, but the second (5 minute mark) was in response to a short Bible Study the host did on Paul's Thorn in the Flesh (or as I put it, his "Pain in the Butt").

I explained to Linda (who co-owns the station with her husband, Thayrone), that Paul's thorn was not illness or impairedness, but the relentless attack on him by those Jews seeking to squelch Christianity by squelching Paul.
They hounded him, had him stoned to death and imprisoned.
In that order.


So I was going to write about it today and in googling the verse to copy and paste, I found that this guy, Andrew Wommackdid a pretty good job already.

But he didn't say "Pain in the Butt".

That's what makes a great Bible teacher.

Maybe I'll post a video of kittens instead.


  1. Now that I've stopped laughing, I'll just say you've written about it eloquently. :)

    1. I wondered what you'd think.

  2. Loved your thorn analogy. BTW, is it just me or does Bennett sound like he is Bruce Jenndering?

    1. Not Bennett :)
      Jenderring. That's good.