Thursday, July 16, 2015


Barbarism is not an inordinate hatred of women (or men) named Barbara.
Barbarism is the activity of being barbaric.
Barbaric is when you routinely do something cruel and inhumane.
You know, torturing people as a matter of routine.
Cutting off lady parts so the feeling of pleasure is removed.
Mass beheading of multiple victims for propaganda purposes.
Killing little babies while they are still in their mothers womb.

Talking about selling the choice organs of those babies you tortured over a glass of Chardonnay.


  1. There has to be a special place in hell for those who think this is OK. My soul weeps.

    1. America awaits judgment if no soon repentance.

    2. Amen to that. Loins girder and powder dry.

  2. Just for the record

    If you have a case it should be made without resorting to lies.

    1. consensual, legal tissue donations..
      Did the baby consent?
      Were the parts not sold.?
      Was wine not drank?
      was a baby not butchered

    2. Let's face it Ed. This is not about the legality of abortion.

      Under a law passed in the early 90's and supported by the current Republican leadership it is legal for a woman to decide that the fetus will go to medical research.

      You can argue against the morality of the law but not the legality of this action. This is not a matter of anything being sold to the highest bidder as some blogs noted for abject lies state.
      The actions by Planned Parenthood were legal and the only money involved was their defraying of any expenses. Not a large sum.

      If you think you are going to defund Planned Parenthood then do it honestly. Don't resort to lies. It cheapens you.

    3. In reviewing my post, I see that I was not invoking legality, but morality.
      The second video released clearly portrays a transaction in which the "doctor" hopes to fund a Lambo with her efforts at negotiation of orice.
      "Defraying of expenses" does not describe that, and seems more than "not a large sum".
      As to the legality? Dr. Joseph Mengales was legal.
      Don't cheapen yourself defending this barbaric practice.
      A number of corporations are now denying financially supporting PP.
      They obviously don't want to be linked to this human meat market. Let's face it. Selling baby parts at any price is just that. A humab meat market.

  3. What is off the charts is how many people don't recognize or care what is being done.

    I offer as proof -- no lies -- that practitioners and critics alike do no call what is being done by the metaphorical word that owes its very existence to one of the most barbaric acts known to man. In fact, the examples given don't even mention human body parts.

    Full Definition of CANNIBALIZE
    transitive verb
    a : to take salvageable parts from (as a disabled machine) for use in building or repairing another machine
    b : to make use of (a part taken from one thing) in building, repairing, or creating something else

    : to deprive of an essential part or element in creating or sustaining another facility or enterprise < the energy system has begun cannibalizing the economic system it is supposed to fuel — Barry Commoner >

    : to use or draw on material of (as another writer or an earlier work) < a biography that cannibalizes previous biographies >

    : to take (sales) away from an existing product by selling or being sold as a similar but new product usually from the same manufacturer; also : to affect (as an existing product) adversely by cannibalizing sales

    intransitive verb
    : to practice cannibalism
    : to cannibalize one unit for the sake of another of the same kind

    1. I should have known that as a maintenance manager.
      Others have alluded that there is a Hannibal Lector aspect to this also.

  4. As usual, it's all about money... Follow that and you'll eventually get to the truth. And those who do this will answer in the hereafter.

  5. your friends are spon on ED..the inhanity is beyond belief but the apathy of the masses is worse!! God bless.xoxox