Sunday, August 9, 2015

That's the Spirit!

Yesterday, while Scherie was shopping, and I was trying to finish prepping our boat for paint, I heard a knocking at our front door as I stepped in the back door to get some lunch.
Two young gentlemen with black slacks and white shirts were at my door.
Most people would blow them off, or ignore them.
Me? It's not often God sends people my way to discuss religion. :)
A target rich environment.
So, I asked them what I could do for them.  One said, "We're taking a survey, can we ask you three questions?".
I said yes.
He said "Can we start?".
I said, yes, that's one.
We all laughed, and I offered a reset.
"Is family important to me?"
I volunteered that they had great tv ads with that.
"What does God mean to me?".
"Am I familiar with the Bible?".
I teach the Bible.
Survey over.
My turn.
I gave them my statement of faith, and asked where they would disagree.
Jesus died on the cross for all men's sins, so that they could be free from the power of sin, by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, who can help to overcome sinful tendency, and to know and do God's will (the opposite of sin).
The one agreed and added "and be baptized".
I agreed, as long as that was a confession of faith, and not a work.
So I was asked what I thought of prophets of old.
I responded that they were limited in that the Spirit came "upon" them, but we can have the Spirit "in" us.
Operating through us.
I was asked what I thought of a book they add to the Bible.
I answered that if I could get Genesis to Revelation down pat, even just a Gospel, I might feel I had to "graduate" to something else.
But I don't see a need for something extra-biblical.
So we parted ways amicably.
This morning, we had a campus missionary speak on the Holy Spirit.
Our "denomination" believes in something called the "Baptism" of the Holy Spirit.
They and other "Pentecostal" groups see this as a second experience.
Many denominations have a problem with this, as it implies you don't have all of the Holy Spirit upon conversion.

As Chris spoke this morning,  I thought of something and I mentioned it to him.
Similar to the "Baptism of the Spirit":
With some software, all the power of the software resides in the original installation.
But to use the full power of the software, you need a license to activate that power.
And you actually have to believe that the software will do as promised.

One level of this power might be the ability to overcome a particular sin in your/my life.
Like wanting to punch someone,  the root cause of which is not loving that someone.
The response would be to ask God to love that person through you/me because his Spirit resides in you/me.

Another application of this power:
God may have a word of encouragement or correction (and the loving way to deliver it) for someone and we are the one needed to deliver it.
That's prophetic speech.
You betcha God still does that.

So yes, you get all the Holy Spirit at conversion.
Unlock the power!


  1. Great post! If I may, I'd add something that Rev. Billy Graham said about the baptism of the Spirit, which the Book of Acts makes clear can be (but isn't always) something separate from the initial conversion.

    He said, "You get all the Holy Spirit there is when you're saved. The question is, how much of you did He get?"

    1. I like that, Paul.
      If Graham wasn't so famous, I'd steal that line!

  2. We happily ushered two missionaries into our home and practically adopted them. They found themselves well fed at our home and groceries anonymously delivered to their modest apartment and left at their door. When it rained, Joe used his truck to haul their bicycles and would wait outside as they visited homes.

    Their christian church members, assured god would attend their needs, would have been in fits of disdain to realize their missionaries had been taken under the wing of a evil and 'bound for hell' atheist. You've gotta admit, it IS funny when you think about it.

    1. You guys are such sweethearts.

    2. You forgot "evil" sweethearts. Actually, Joe is a bible reading sweet lil' soul and I even help him with passages that are beyond him. Two years of Seminary made me quite a scholar, and six years being a Charismatic made me a musician with quite a collection of hymnals. How's that for ironic.