Saturday, August 1, 2015

"What is the difference between a socialist and a democrat?"

This woman is the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The man interviewing her is a democrat/liberal.
He got a thrill up his leg at the thought of Obama. He said so.

He asks her "What is the difference between a socialist and a democrat?".
If there is one, she should know. It's obvious she doesn't.
So there isn't.


  1. Democrats are socialist lite...

    1. She is as inane as Nancy Pelosi.
      Or insane.

  2. I keep waiting for her to change her name to Debbie WasserPERSON Schultz so she doesn't look like she approves of more of one gender than the other :-)
    What she said on Matthews (which I literally just commented on at my blog a minute ago!) isn't as significant to me as what HE if HE knows that SOCIALISTS aren't usually welcome on the national scene of ANY party's convention? EVERY once in a while the screamin' Lib Chris Matthews reminds me of who he was when Mr. Z and I admired and listened to him years ago. What happened to him, I just don't know! But he is so wildly leftwing now....
    still, ONCE in a while he gets it right!
    Thanks, Ed.....people need to hear this WasserPERSON, er, person! :-)

  3. She played it well. We haven't even held the first primary and Matthews wants her to make commitments.

    Contrast Schultz to Priebus who has completely lost control of his party. Lost control of funding and platform and as a result the right wing primary process has degenerated to a Donald Trump feedback loop he can't control.

    And you give Wasserman-Schultz the tone?

    The whole Republican debate fiasco is such a mess that Dems are getting e-mail reminders to make sure they tune in.

    Keep whistling past the graveyard, Ed.

  4. Ducky "Dems are getting e-mail reminders to make sure they tune in."

    Oh., no!! That is scary, isn't it.....that really says a LOT :-)

    "wants her to make commitments?" like she (or you ) don't understand what he was getting at? Honestly, THIS is funny.
    And, let's concentrate on her and Matthews, like Ed's post suggests....
    Ya, we'll give her 'the tone'.... What I REALLY wish had happened was Matthews telling us what the difference was between Dems and Socialists!
    And you call US in disarray?

    It's more than a year off...........I'm hoping ol' Joe Biden decides to run; THAT'll be good comic relief!

  5. Well, Duck, What is the difference between a socialist and a democrat?
    BTW, I'm reminded of "Why does the Porridge Bird lay its egg in the air?" when I ask that.
    Ask Siri, Why does the Porridge Bird lay its egg in the air?

  6. Her position shows how far left the Democrats have moved. Remember when Democrts were outraged when Obama was called a socialist?

    Now the GOP establishment is trying to position themselves in "the center" which is far left of where many of us want to be. I don't see why they cannot see that is a losing policy position. Why go for Democrat-lite when you can get the real thing?

    1. And yet OldNFO commented that "Democrats are socialist lite..."
      If Repubs are Democrat-lite and Democrats are socialist lite...
      My head is spinning. :)

    2. But to your original point, quite right.
      Similar to "Don't use his middle name!".
      Now you can't get them to NOT use it.