Thursday, November 12, 2015

More on Mizzou

College is a nice place to go for certain careers.
I want a college educated doctor.

I've worked with lawyers that should have been welders, college didn't make them lawyers, just gave them approval of a poor choice of careers.
Some teachers also.

When this many people go to academia not knowing why they are there, just went because they could borrow the money to go and were told they should, this is what you get.
People where they are, trying to figure out why they are there.
Trying to find importance in their lives, because they have always been important. So the drama must increase.
Protesters finding meaning in protest because they have it nowhere else.


  1. We need more welders and fewer philosophers.

    1. We need welders who can pass a drug test. --- the average annual salary for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy is $87,000 — while graduates with an associates degree in welding technology earn $58,500.

      Make of it what you will.

    2. Don't know Duck, while I know welders who make about that, the demand for Philosophy majors is not as high.

      When philosophers get employed, they seem to do good.
      6. Philosophy and Religious Studies
      Unemployment rate: 10.8 percent
      Starting pay: $30,000

  2. Funny you pick on Attorneys.
    I fear the current fiasco may have a bunch of them studying loan contracts.
    The lawyers always win.

    1. I had to advise my son's lawyer which got him cleared of the bogus charges when he was a juvie. The witness discrepancies seemed obvious to me, but oblivious to him.
      Half the lawyers lose, but then again, typically get paid anyways.

  3. Amen to what Mustang said! We need more tradesman and less useless academia. BTW, when I'm out and about, I find it interesting to talk to strangers and ask about their lives. There are more and more college 'graduates' with huge student loan debts flipping burgers than ever before. Sign of the times, I guess. ~:)

    1. Bad times.
      I remember as a kid, the board game Life.
      Buying a college education increased your winnings.
      They never said what the education was.

  4. "Protesters finding meaning in protest because they have it nowhere else."

    Ed, I've read your blog for some time and I've listened to your radio spots. I know you are an engineer, but I believe you to be a closet Philosophy/Poetry minor. fess up.