Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Visit with William Federer

I haven't had any time for posting the post I wanted to all week.
It's 4am and I just got off the phone with work again and now I can't sleep.
It is not unusual for me to get called through the night.
Yesterday I went in at 2am and got home at 6am for a shower and breakfast, then back til 9pm.
It's gotta settle down soon. Crisis after crisis.

A few weeks ago, I was in the diner talking to the head of the local Tea Party Caucus, Dennis Moore.
We meet there often and talk.
Dennis is well connected nationally for a guy who is a construction worker.
He mentioned that the Caucus wanted to bring in William Federer to speak at the diner and then arrange for him to speak at a larger venue the next day (Saturday).
How big was my church, and could they use it?
Well it wasn't big enough, but they found another nearby in Belleville and it was all scheduled.
They were going to put Bill up in a motel, but he preferred to stay with locals when in town.
We volunteered.
I was very concerned as last weekend approached that work would interfere with our plans.
Friday, I was to pick Bill up at DTW at 2:30 PM.
I put out a fire at work as he called from the airport and he very pleasantly told me to take my time. I arrived at the airport arrival pickup at an hour after he did.
We left in my truck and I asked if he had ever seen an automated factory.
He had not, and so I offered to show him ours as we had time to kill before dinner. I did not realize that he had a radio interview to do at 4PM.
We arrived at my work at 3:58, so Bill did his interview from the cab of my truck. When he was done, I took him on a tour of the facility, showing him the hot stamp furnaces and presses with their robotic load and unload systems.
Then the robotic welding cells.
He was impressed.
Then at 5:15 he had another interview and I took him to a conference room where he went on air with Thayrone Hughes (about the 15 minute mark),the station co-owner (with his wife, the lovely Linda) of WAAM 1600, Ann Arbor.
Afterwards we drove to my home and I changed and Scherie, Bill and I drove to Haab's for dinner where we met up with Thayrone, Linda, Dennis and Linda Moore and had a wonderful meal and discussion.
Afterwards, we went to the Big Sky Diner.
Bill had never heard of Demetrius Ypsilanti, so I had the pleasure of describing the namesake of our city and his influence in pushing back the Ottoman Empire and freeing Greece.
Bill then spoke for 3 hours and after book signing and mingling, we got home about 1:30 am Saturday.
We awoke and the three of us went for breakfast at The Bomber Restaurant, a local favorite, whose walls are decorated with military memorabilia, a lot of it related to Bomber Production at Willow Run Airport in WW2.
It was wonderful talking to this decent humble informative man of God who is striving to do something for his (our) country.
We then drove Bill to Belleville along Ford Lake and Belleville (formerly Edison) Lake, explaining how those two industrialists had dammed the Huron River to produce electricity to supply small Ford plants along the river, creating these lakes in the process.
We said goodbye to Bill, and Scherie and I went to the Radio Station to prepare for the show.
Gary Wellings and I did the show as usual and then at 1:35, Bill called in and I interviewed him.
I highly recommend you listen to him.

The Drift Radio Show with William Federer Interview.

Please let me know what you think.

Now I'm going back to bed.

Oh, wait. It's time to get ready for work.


  1. Not a bad adventure at all. But I hope your work schedule settles down soon.

  2. I'm delighted you found the time to write this up, but saddened that it took sleeplessness to permit it. I suspect that the excitement expressed in your writing betrays why you could not sleep.

  3. I have heard of a man who researches our history in this manner but don't know this man otherwise...sounds like a terrific person. I'm glad you had this experience with him....
    I've had this kind of experience and it's magical!

    Good going!

  4. Your company needs to hire more people.

  5. Hey! Someone stole the silverware!

    Don't worry, I'm sure things will pick up at work. Still have to catch up on your radio show.

  6. Bill was great. Scary stuff with what happens when societies reject their Judeo-Christian past and embrace the secular gay agenda. The transgendered phase gets quickly co-opted by islam. How long do we have left?

  7. Excellent, playing the radio interview now. It is good to hear from grass roots Conservatives, and I am glad to hear your radio people laugh often. . It just amazes me that you get rid of that forked tongued mercenary to replace him with another criminal democrat. I learned a lot of new facts, I understand your frustration. You want to see Clinton in orange but really Killary Arkancide should be hanging upside down alongside Islamobama and a few others.
    We can say this.Not too many years ago, there could never have been a solid conservative coalition by web all over the world, a new cultural Nation if you like. I will write again. paul scott Christchurch New Zealand

  8. There is another thing. Since the Trump team now have the Comey files, they may need evidence McCabe conspiracy as well. If he gets enough evidence to show the public, it may help to close down this cancerous degenerate Democrat swamp. But as you have noticed, really the CIA and FBI are both agents of treason and self interest. USA is in a parlous sad position, God Bless.