Monday, September 18, 2017

National Unity

I was reading this.

And thought this:
We are obviously a divided country.
From the beginning, we were headed to The Civil War.
Then we faced Fascism and Communism (I know, I know).
And that helped unify us.

We need a common enemy to unify around.
We have one.
Unfortunately a large segment of our society is defending that enemy.
I bet if we faced space alien invaders, that same segment would defend them also.
"We must understand why they fled their planet and want to take ours."


  1. We will never run out of enemies, and because our forefathers knew this, they constructed an oath pledging allegiance “... against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” What our founding fathers were counting on was an educated society. They didn’t get one, which renders uncertain their realizations or hopes for America’s future. Who realized in 1789 that Americans would prefer a foreign set of values (collectivism) over their own (individual liberty) ... or that political parties would be so willing to shred the inner soul of our Republic for no other reason than to achieve their own selfish goals? Man is an odious creature; a leftist even more so —because in order to have an argument, a leftist has to deceive others into believing as they do.

    1. When do we take on the "domestic" ones?

      "a leftist has to deceive others into believing as they do."

  2. Don't leave me hangin'. Who's the common enemy? Bring on the space alien invaders, I say. You never know, they may be impervious to "our" fire power but succumb to the sissy slaps of the antifa leftists.

  3. I wish I had all of those quarters back from the 80s.

  4. Ed,
    Thank you for the link.

    They rolled in the dust over there at my blog post.