Sunday, February 11, 2018

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Before doing The Drift with Gary yesterday, as I was driving in, I was listening to my friend Linda's show, The American Dream, which was being hosted by her co-host Pastor Rick, a friend of mine.
A frequent caller to many of the stations shows, and also a frequent caller to Bill Bennett when he was on, Ken, called in.
I've had a lot of on-air back and forth with Ken.
He claims to be an Old School Lutheran of sorts.
Ken could not bring himself to vote for Romney because he's a Mormon.
He's also staunchly opposed to Islam.
And maybe anybody who doesn't believe like him.
This is the first time anything like this took place.


Also, The Drift went pretty interesting also.


  1. At one time, a Catholic President was unacceptable. Considering how little of the tenets of true Christianity never make it to D.C., the demand for honesty, integrity, and conservative thinking are what really needs to be what steers voting. I think the founders understood this better than many today, and voters should study their candidates, not their religious beliefs.

    1. I want president who is moral and has integrity.
      If he is guided by a Judeo-Christian ethic and seeks the help of that God: Bonus!

  2. I want president who is moral and has integrity.

    I wish for that as well. I don't believe that I'll ever live to see it.....

  3. Ken is misguided and I thought you did well in refuting him. I am a cradle Catholic and reject the whole Sola Scriptura argument. We don't need to agree on all the tenets... that's why there are something like 30,000? protestant denominations. but we are brothers and sisters in Christ. Ken seems like a westboro kinda guy and with friends like him, who needs ISIS? As to the question of "authority", I go to the great philosopher Emo Philips.