Friday, March 23, 2018

A Funeral to Remember

Scherie and I went to the funeral of a friend this week.
A friend of many.
Linda and Thayrone Hughes

Around that time I also interviewed Jim Curtis of Old NFO (Nobody Asked Me) fame and I think Linda sat in on it. Can't find the link.

Linda fought cancer fiercely. She didn't lose.
She's in the Winner's Circle.
She walks with Jesus now, and the funeral was an amazing celebration of her life and death.
I got to sit and talk with her dad for a while.
He was seated alone in his bibs and I thought I'd ask how he knew Linda.
What a great guy. actually a great Guy. That's his name.
Scherie had struck up a conversation with Evelyn, his wife, who was seated away from him. It's only fitting that such wonderful people would have such a wonderful daughter.

I first developed a friendship with Linda by regularly calling in to her radio show The American Dream.
She supported my effort to win that radio ad contest "Your Voice Your Ad".
We'd talk history, culture, politics and theology. Americana. 
It's with pride I say, that my son and I were once working on his boat in my garage when I remembered to turn on the radio only to hear Linda say, "I wish Ed would call in." to answer a question she had about the Bible.
I later met her when I started co-hosting The Drift with Gary Wellings.
My wife Scherie met her on occasion at the studio and they too struck up a friendship.
Linda left this life for a better one but left many missing her smile, wit, grace and presence.
I miss her and the community is diminished by her absence, but others obviously miss her more.
Prayers for her husband and family, please.