Sunday, July 29, 2018

The American Dream

Two Saturdays ago, our son Scott came to visit us from Groton/New London with his what we came to find was his fiance.
We then found that they intended to be married the next weekend in Connecticut.
The next day Scherie was moping about the house until I asked her if she'd like to visit Connecticut again.

Unfortunately, Scherie never saw the wedding.
She had a series of seizures the night before and a hospital stay of a few days.
We got her out and we had a nice visit with the couple all to ourselves.
That is not the point of the story.

We stayed in Connecticut at a Rodeway Motel that was pretty nice.
An older couple was outside using a ladder to wash windows.
They were clearly of "India" Indian descent.
I went inside and the guy behind the desk was Indian also.
We talked a bit and I asked him if I could ask a personal question and he said yes.
I mentioned that everywhere I traveled in the US motels were run by people from India. Why was that?
"We are doing work Americans do not want to do.".
I laughed remembering that my parents owned a motel, The Swan Creek Motel, and I swore I'd never be a landlord after that.
He said that was true. They came to this country and bought properties that were being sold for that reason.
He then told me that 85% of the motel/hotel industry here is owned by Indians!
If you see a white person at the desk, there is probably an office of Indians in the back.
I told him that where I come from there is a huge community of Indians that have settled in Canton Michigan.
He then told me that when he saw my drivers license, he thought "Hi neighbor".
He was raised near Meijer's between Sheldon and Canton-Center Roads! Near where my son Caleb was born.

Immigrants coming here legally making a life for themselves.
The American Dream.

I shared this story on the radio Saturday, but we had Bill Federer on for the first half an hour.
The Drift Radio Show July 28, 2018
What a tour de force.
I highly recommend you listen to him.


  1. We had a family resort business... glad it is wasn't the management that was the issue, rather insurance claims and threats of lawsuits and finding employees.. Koreans and Indians know how to make it in America....I know, not P.C. was I?

    1. I tried to tread lightly on the whole topic here....
      Our motel was the victim of a rent strike. It had become more of an "efficiency apartment" deal for low paid workers and their families. My mom was on the front page of the Detroit Free Press as a "rural slum lord" just after the Detroit riots.
      The tenants had called out the paper...

  2. At a Phoenix shopping center last year we noticed 10 of 12 shops had "Help Wanted" signs in their windows. As we departed the strip mall there was a guy at the entrance holding a sign with "Any help appreciated" written on it.
    And some folks were giving him money.

  3. I hope you wonderful wife is feeling better

    1. She is, but she feels like she was assaulted by the ambulance and emergency room staff.
      They did not give her any anti-seizure medication for at least an hour after arriving and then only 5mg of adivan whereas she would normally get 10-15 to stop the seizures.
      Then they wondered why she wasn't responding and put her on profifol and shoved a ventilator down her throat.
      I'd love to sue and give the money to charity.

  4. The shame is, that many natural-born American Citizens don't take advantage of the American dream....but rather wish to live like Subjects.

  5. A lot of the Indians in the motel business are making ends meet by:
    - Taking in the "homeless" - they charge big bucks for guaranteed money each month - charge a premium for many services for them, too
    - Employing their relatives/people from their community back home - they work them long hours, charge the non-relatives for giving them employment in this country. After a few years of owning the motel, they run it as absentee landlords - keep the fellow Indians working.
    - Get 'express' citizenship by investing money in the hotel. It's a cheap way to have dual citizenship (they do NOT renounce their Indian citizenship).
    - Evade the rules India imposes on money taken out of that country, by classifying it as an investment.
    - Do NOT plan to become a part of this country - children are made to take an Indian spouse. They are quite racist, and look upon ANY American as beneath them to associate with.
    - Run their hotels very cheaply - skimpy generic food, sheets and towels you can see through. Take advantage of every government incentive/handout.

    1. I suppose that is true in many cases.
      I work with Indians and have known a few.
      Mostly missionaries however.
      Thanks for stopping by!