Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Science is Real!

Science is Real!
(Except for the science that is fake.)

I walked past a few churches in downtown Ypsilanti, a liberal enclave, where among the lists of means of "inclusiveness" on their marquees (illegal immigrants welcome, LGBT welcome, see addendum) was :
"Science is Real!" 
My first thought was "as opposed to what?".

On the same walk (to the Independence Day Parade, actually) I saw political literature that included the same motto.
I had not been exposed to it before.

It appeared to me to be a religious statement.
"We are not fooled by pie-in-the-sky doctrines"
which seems odd to be placed on a church marquee.

I read a web comic "Girl Genius" about mad scientists, for fun.
This is a panel:

Notice the religious overtones.

I was reminded of this when I read Rev Paul's post today about atheism being the law of the land in China. Atheism is a religion. a leap of faith. It often claims science to be it's underpinning.
Ya gotta believe something.

I don't find Faith and Science to be mutually exclusive and neither have some of our foremost scientists. But when Science becomes a religion to trump Faith, someone has the wrong estimation of what Science is.

"Faith is the substance (underpinning) of things hoped for, the evidence (conviction) of things not seen."  Hebrews 11:1

As for things that are seen? Observe, quantify, measure, test,... science.

Anyone is welcome in my church if they are not disruptive.
That is not to say that they will be approved of.

Any thoughts?


  1. I don't find Faith and Science to be mutually exclusive...

    I'm in complete agreement with this.

  2. Science proved time is only unique to the point of reference. At the speed of light, a second of time is forever in our point of reference. What we observed during all the time of humans is only a brief moment to anything that is pure energy.

    Automatically dismissing a deity, just because the reference to everything is too brief to arrive at a correct conclusion is arrogant, and a little stupid.

    1. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.
      What if He's too big for us to see?

    2. What if He doesn't want to be seen?

  3. The fools who peddle this malarkey have confused consensus of any "blessed" group of scientists with the science they purportedly represent. Those that say "Science is Real" are trying to boost the esteem of their favored consensus whatever it may be (although I think I know which it is that needs a huge propaganda effort to sustain the appearance of what they have agreed to stand beside).

    Science, as opposed to scientism, is a process of establishing what is and is not a valid theory. Any group of "scientists" which will not allow open sharing of their data so that anyone can attempt to reduplicate their efforts are not REAL scientists. They may be credentialed in one or more sciences, but their behavior betrays the oath they implicitly swore when they first became scientists, thus they are former scientists if they ever were any way other than credentials.

    For further reference, here's my first of an old series on establishing science as a state religion.

  4. Science and God are not mutually exclusive. My omnipotent God certainly could have created the universe via the Big Bang.

    More importantly, every day "common" and accepted theories are discarded by new discoveries. Just think what "science" told us about our universe a few hundred years ago. Man is only intelligent when he understands just how little he knows.

    1. I watched a movie called "Is Genesis Real" earlier this year.
      Phenomenal science.

  5. Anthropology still is looking for the "missing link" Early man evolved at break neck speed at a point in a different form.

    1. that's what would have had to have happened.
      Harder to believe than "And God said..."

  6. Religion without science is lame. Science without religion is blind.

    Someone smart said that. Initials AE