Saturday, September 29, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh, Then and Now

As for the allegations of Ford against Judge Kavanaugh,
If there were any truth to those allegations (which do not include rape but only laying on her fully clothed), if he admitted to them even, he is not that teenager.
I did horrible things as a young man.
I am not that man. Ask anyone who knows me today.

I had a friend, a pastor, who was a bootlegger as a youth.
He was a convicted felon.
He later learned accounting and had a tax business.
Years later, he applied to the IRS and they asked if he ever had a felony in his past.
On the drive to the interview he realized that they could not hire ex-felons.
In the interview, they asked him about the felony.
He answered "I'm glad you asked that!" and told them the story, ending with "I am not that man, I am born again."
He got the job.

BTW, he quit it two years later.
He could not, in good conscience as a Christian, do what the IRS required of him.


  1. And I'm not who I was 40 or 50 years ago, either.

    These "hearings" are a travesty.

    1. A good question that I can't answer since I don't know her, then or now.

  2. Its not about Kavanaugh or Ford. It is the swamp fighting it out among themselves. Both being held hostage. My thought for what its worth.

  3. If he had only left her in a shrinking air bubble in his sinking car then he would be fine. As for not being the same person today that we were in our youth, thank goodness that's true. But Brett swears he didn't do this, so why concede the point? Everyone is getting in each other's way to state they believe something bad happened to her and she is just confused as to the correct perp. Not me. I think she knows beyond a doubt he did no such thing yet she is this cold and calculating... and cold. Did I already say cold? She is stone cold and with obvious motives.

    1. Dems are demonically motivated, whether they know it or not.
      Evil proceeds from their party, the party of slavery and of abortion/murder.
      And the republicans do not treat them as such.

    2. Worse, they have bred their offspring to be Sociopaths..just as they are. Right you are Ed.