Sunday, October 14, 2018

How to Kill 14 People Without Saying a Word

I interviewed local movie producer/director Nick Stumphauzer yesterday.

Nick created a movie that premieres next weekend.
It's about the cost of silence in our society.
As I summed up in the interview, "PC Kills".

The movie is titled "How to Kill 14 People Without Saying a Word".

Nick's website is here>

The Interview is here>  Interview

One of the best shows we've done, I'm told.


  1. Bust week - including out of town funeral and now the boy flew in for fall break weekend and neice gets married this Saturday. At some point I will catch up on my Drift...

  2. Replies
    1. Of all the views I've had on this, you are the first to comment.
      I wondered if the title scared people off the way it did me.
      The movie premieres in Howell Saturday at 1pm.

  3. The title didn't scare me off as much as I actually found it compelling - but I didn't want to comment until I had a chance to listen to your show and to check out this guy's website. I love that he is yet another right-thinking and YOUNG filmmaker. We can never have enough. That said, what the heck is he doing with Cenk in this film? I can't stand him or that Milo Yiannopolous. I'll wait to hear your review.

    That was a good show and covered the recent crazinesss of the democrat leadership calling for violence. As for staying for the credits, I admit I have never been tempted to do that. Names of producers and lighting and audio experts and ad naseum don't mean a thing to me, and the hidden content can't be that good for me to sit thru that torture show... just me.

    Now I'm only a week behind!

    1. I get confused about people relating to the Young Turks sometimes.
      I got confused. The movie comes out NEXT weekend.
      I get confused a lot it seems.
      Sort of like Tucker Carlson :)