Friday, February 8, 2019

Facebook News

Here's something funny that Pascal Fervor and I discovered.
Facebook is now attaching "Politifact" warnings on FB posts.

And they are getting it wrong.
They say the Democratic Party did not start the KKK.
That's true. Mostly.
It's members did, which is what the post says (which is not what they address).

This has happened with other posts, such as Schumer's stand on the wall.
But what is really strange is that when you try to access your own comments when checking a notification of a comment, you cannot access the comments or add one to your own post!

What Pascal learned however, is that when you follow the notification to your post that you cannot access the comments on, you are not at your original post.
If you go down your own "timeline" and access the post, everything acts "normal" and commenting is available.

Nonetheless, I thought it was a great meme. :)

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  1. The left is capable of the foulest sophistry. Who polices the FB "politifact" fact checkers?

  2. Us. We've learned to screencap the FB "false" flag and the link to whatever sight allegedly supports the false claim. And we thoroughly fisk it. In some cases, as with the KKK post, they're being disingenuous. In other cases, as with Schumer having voted for the wall in the past, they are outright lying.

    So far neither of us has suffered repercussions for fighting back, other than feeling like we were being censored from commenting until we discovered that that was only when we followed the notification. I happily discovered, due to a comment that Ed left, that the two links (one to the original and another phony one created by the comment notification) were different.

  3. Facebook is not our friend. I'm on facebook because my daughters post pictures of the grandkids. I do make the odd comment.

    But it operates at a far more sinister level than photo sharing and we've seen ample evidence of that.

    1. they act like Russia is using FB to sway elections, but Bezos is.

  4. The nefariousness of Bezos and his company is slowly being er, exposed to the public 😉

  5. Anytime you see a 'fact check' beware... Just sayin...