Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Walk Away

My brother works with Sean.
They are friends.

I was at work a few nights ago, and since I had to wait for my skills to be needed, I brought a book given to me by the author, an acquaintance of mine, Bruce Fleury.
A young press operator (something Bruce has done) picked up the book off of my programming cart and started asking questions about it.
Good questions. He was aware that Planned Murderhood was primarily located in "urban" environments.
That was a good moment.


  1. The Democrats are dishonest about everything. Every-thing. A stopped clock is right twice a day. None of the Democrats seem to reach that very low bar.

  2. Brandon Straka is trying so hard to be the next Milo that it's comical.

    Sean came up with nothing of interest. Ain't going to be much walking.

    1. I could care less about Straka (or Milo).
      Sean represents a lot of blacks I know who are fed up.