Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Drift Radio Show July 20, 2019

For your listening pleasure.

We discuss Ilhan Omar's presence (Send Her Back), her immigration fraud and other issues of color. :)


  1. Your Islamophobia, transphobia, colorphobia (I don't think it's a word, but you're guilty) homophobia, sexism, racism, and intollerance for fraud in the name of Islam is disturbing. By the BEARD OF THE PROPHET, it is! You may miss out on 70 virgins when you die if you don't change your ways.

    Omar and the Squad claim that they are Womyn of Color, but how do we know that they are women? I mean, how do we know for sure? Shouldn't they be wearing the Burqua if they're women? There were wedding photos when Omar married her brother. You can tell because she had the braided armpits. And isn't gender just a construct? If Omar woke up one day feeling like a man, she could be an Imam. Maybe the 12th Imam? Which would mean that she'd have to leave the country, and arrive in Iran to take over. Just speculating.

    1. I called into a local radio show Friday morning and commented about Ilhan Omar and sending her back on the evidence that she was guilty of immigration fraud.
      The conservative host said yes and that's all fine and well, Ed, but you understand that you are a bigot and a racist and your opinion doesn't matter.

    2. BTW LL, have you had your coffee yet? :)

  2. The 12th IMam is here....they are among us...

  3. LOL, love LL's comment. I second that one!