Sunday, September 15, 2019

Common Sense Gun Control Fair to All Sides.

There have been some horrific crimes causing multiple deaths in this country involving "guns".

Unfortunately, there is a group of people who want to disarm all Americans because they want to disarm all Americans.

They are using these horrific shootings (which are statistically negligible when compared to deaths from alcohol, vehicles, and medical malpractice, particularly when you remove gun death and violence from large urban centers that already practice onerous and arguably unconstitutional gun control) in their efforts to disarm all Americans.

Let's ignore those people for right now. They are bad actors. mountebanks and disingenuous frauds with questionable motives, most presumably to subject the citizenry to a greater level of control than only guns. They are quite fond of "population control" of the re-education camp variety.

Let's assume we are talking to rational people who are trying to limit gun death for compassionate reasons, people who do not want to limit the rights of innocent citizens.
People who support "red-flag" laws and "universal background checks".
Seemingly rational reactions to a problem that are actually part of a slippery slope to the ends of the first group: disarmament of the population.

Let's posit that universal background checks should obviate the need for "red flag" laws.
Now we've eliminated the problem of  subjective complaints leading to unfair confiscations and denials of constitutional rights.
How often would these background checks be performed so that a person who passed a check does not pose a threat later should they decline in capacity below the acceptable limit?
Annually? Is that reasonable? Every gun owner facing an annual mental health checkup?

Now, how do we keep universal background checks from becoming a gun registry that could lead to the aims of the first group again? One that doesn't discriminate against a large portion of the population?

Since there are people who engage in homicide not involving guns, but vehicles, knives, hatchets, bombs (already regulated heavily), and martial arts, would it not be less discriminatory if we were to subject everyone to annual background checks?

It's the logical conclusion that cannot be escaped. This would catch people before they commit crimes, which it seems is the goal of the those proposing background checks.

But what do we do with someone we determine could, and I emphasize "could" hurt someone else?

We should lock them up for the safety of the rest of the citizenry. All of them.

It's common sense gun control.

And if you want some informative analysis, listen to The Drift Radio Show.
I'm biased, but people tell me it's good.


  1. Now, how do we keep universal background checks from becoming a gun registry that could lead to the aims of the first group again?

    You can't. Because UBCs have no enforcement mechanism. None. Once UBC is passed, the feature...rather than the bug...will be made apparent to the masses.

    Let's begin with actually enforcing NICs failures.

    1. My tongue in cheek suggestion to background check EVERYONE gets guns out of the equation. :)

  2. NCIS check good for 30 days on a 'coupon', you show the coupon to the seller, he/she runs it, and sells you the gun. Dot gov doesn't get to know what you bought.

  3. Well we are obviously suspect for our faith in our invisible Friend.

  4. "bad actors and disingenuous frauds" -- I 2nd that motion with the amendment "mountebanks."

  5. It's a slippery slope as you said, sir. If bleeding hearts get their way (background checks), who is to make the decision you aren't "nice" enough to own a gun? Baloney. It should be across the board as you say: cars (look at the loonies ramming people), deaths caused by cellphone use while driving, stabbings... Remember baseball bats, too.

  6. Whatever "check" program you decide upon...
    Make me the Czar.

  7. Background check good for five years. Card, coupon, what ever not valid for purchase without separate photo ID. Gun store scans card and you are cleared for purchase. What ever happens or doesn't happen down stream of that is none of .gov's business.

    Form 4473 goes away as it is now redundant. Dealers maintain A & D book as they always have (Acquisition & Disposition).

    ATF becomes the name of a convenience store.

    I say this after having been a sole proprietor FFL in Kalifornia for near 20 years. Now live in Texas. Still twitch once in awhile, but recovering.