Saturday, March 21, 2020

Socialism by Mandate

Shut down the economy.
Send everybody home.
Or we all could die.

Climate Change?
No, some flu from China (as if that's never happened before).

But hey, can't let a good crisis go to waste can we?
By now, you don't need a link to Rahm Emanuel saying that, I trust.

So, what does a "responsible" congress do to alleviate the economic harm that other government agencies are creating?

Spend it all.
When I hear a national "conservative'" talk show host say "Go Big! Go Fast!",
I know we're done.
When I hear that we are going to do exactly what failed socialist candidate Andrew Yang called for, send everyone a government check for a $1000 (amount subject to change),
I know we're done.

Suggesting that this is an over reaction being promoted to prevent a Trump landslide in November, or that this "flu" is not the threat it is being portrayed to be, makes you look like an insensitive lout.

Or a Luddite, or a conspiracy nut.

The hope is that when we look back on this we'll say 'well, we over-reacted' rather than 'we didn't do enough'.
Isn't there a middle ground, instead of locking people down, killing jobs, breaching First Amendment rights to assembly, or Second amendment rights to self-defense (from a tyrannical government doing all of the aforementioned)?

USA Today:
"Princess Cruises had a health problem long before back-to-back outbreaks of the new coronavirus on the Diamond and Grand Princess ships unmoored the entire cruise industry.
Their passengers fell sick extraordinarily often. Nearly 5,000 people onboard Princess ships in the last decade have suffered from bouts of vomiting, diarrhea – or both – in numbers widespread enough that government health officials issued alerts on 26 outbreaks."

"But by failing to isolate the crew of the Diamond Princess from the beginning of the quarantine, he said infected workers may have passed on "secondary or tertiary" infections to their fellow crew members and passengers, thereby exacerbating the deadly outbreak."

And yet, on that controlled laboratory where the sample population was contained, constrained, and furthermore, exposed to the virus via the people preparing and delivering their food:

On the Diamond Princess:
"A total of 3,700 passengers and crew were quarantined by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for what was expected to be a 14-day period, off the Port of Yokohama."

And a total of 8 passengers have died. 8/3700 = (...carry the three) 0.0021621621621622.
That's .2%, not 2%.

So, maybe I'm not a statistician, I'm also not a statist-ician.

Why are we tanking our economy, our 401ks, our personal wealth, our hand to mouth paychecks?

That's not a rhetorical question.


  1. You could become a species of hermit, move to the remote Arizona mountains, an hour's drive from the nearest town, build a compound, ring it with command detonated (Claymore) mines and you might not care as much... I could use a neighbor. You could still do on-line Bible study.

    1. I was thinking of visiting unannounced.
      I think I'll call ahead :)

    2. That sounds like you. No social distancing needed.

  2. Smalltown, Alaska is as remote as we could reasonably get. Knowing what I know now, I wish I'd tried harder to get farther away.

  3. Where ever two or more gather together in My name. I wonder if that includes cyberspace.

  4. Who thinks a guy with dememtia, or a comunist, or any other dem could do a better job.

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