Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ed Bonderenka Talks to Rep Karen Whitsett

I feel like a scoop reporter!
After her appearance on Tucker Carlson last night I hastily tried to arrange to get State Rep Karen Whitsett on our radio show today.

First she said she couldn't make it, but half way through the show, I got a call from her that she was able to join us after all.

One of the most chaotic shows we've had.
We were supposed to have Professor William Wagner to discuss Constitutional issues with the lockdown and then have Rep Whitsett. Then just before the show, both called off!

Broadcasting from our homes, trying to communicate through Skype to the studio and with each other, dropped calls, guests calling off at the last minute and then Karen joining us after all.

I ask her something Tucker didn't.
Listen to find out :)

Her interview starts at the 25 minute mark. But don't cheat yourself of hearing the chaos prior to that.

I look forward to getting back in the studio


  1. Nice score, Ed! still listening...

    1. I called her after the interview.
      We talked a bit more. My co-hosts kinda interrupted my train of interview. Especially Phil, promoting our other show :)
      She's a JFK kind of Democrat.
      I'm happy for her response to the Candace Owens query.
      Phil's wife ran for the seat she has. That Tlaib used as a jumping point for her House seat.
      A Republican couldn't win that seat.

  2. I listened to all of her, and to some of the beginning!! I'd intro myself right away, were I you! But your female sidekick finally did say "Ed!"...And, when they found it was HER who'd called from your producer, I'd have said, were I Gaylene, "Great news! We DO have KW stay with us!"...and gone to commercial. Instead of "Someone's calling in.." But, that's just me, the talk radio geek :-)
    I love that she's a friend of Candace Owens and disagreed with someone said they thought she differed on a lot of political things....!!!(tho I think she does on some major things like responsibility) I wrote her yesterday, an email, telling her how I admired and respected her. I hope they give her those clearly wasn't to her personally but to her staff! But at least they can count mine when they tell her she's GOT good emails!

    I thought you all asked terrific questions, she was very forthcoming, clear and responsive...and I hope you get her again.
    WELL DONE, Ed and group!!

    1. Thank you, Z. It was as I said, very chaotic with doing the conference call instead of being in studio together with each other, and then having both guests drop and then one come back.
      Karen actually called my cellphone while I was on air to say she'd be on. I'd have liked more time to question her.
      See my response to DaBlade above.

    2. I didn't mean to sound critical, just helpful. I'm sorry. I can't imagine doing it when you're not all in the same room using her eyes, your hands, to cue people in, show that you're talking next, etc. Considering that, you guys did a great job.
      I had seen your response...good one. I thought she gave you a ton of time and that both of you were gracious and curious and good for your listeners to hear.

    3. You were not critical in the bad sense. You critiqued and it's appreciated. Mustang was kind enough to critique the show and did a much more thorough job than you :)
      It's nice to see you comment here.
      I was very thrilled at getting this interview.

  3. Well done, and overall nice job of handling that mess!

  4. It was great despite the chaos. Hey, I haven't watched anyone handle these flawlessly when not in the same room and yours was better than most. good score on getting her. I like the headlines for these last two days, "Tucker talks to..." and "Ed talks to.." :)

    I like that she wasn't talking about switching parties. She can be a bigger thorn that way. Good on you, Ed!!!

    1. Thank you Blade!
      Especially from a scoop reporter like you.