Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dealing With Staying At Home

Learn Who The Enemy Is and Act Accordingly
I'm pretty much enraged a lot lately.
The stupidity and the malice of the perpetrators of this attack on our freedoms and prosperity make me want to lash out.

I try and modify that behavior when on line and appear gentlemanly.

But while I sit here and read and type and try to throttle back the frustration and ire, somebody I love dearly is trying to talk to me, or does or says something that I find irritating.
(Fortunately I never have that effect on others. I'd hate to think I did.)

And in that moment, or should I say, a few moments ago, it caused a problem.
Imagine that.

So we sat down to talk about it.
I realized I was very upset and offended by something she said and I was hostile to her.
I wasn't loving her. I was violating the Great Commandment.
And I did something I don't do often enough.
I prayed (inside my head) that God would love my wife through me, since I was incapable at the moment and He expected it of me.

And something amazing happened.
Very briefly, I saw the plan of attack, and it wasn't my plan, and it wasn't His.
We were under attack, and I could see one of the vectors, and when I started to formulate a response I foresaw the next thrust and I saw the answer to that.
It was like playing three moves ahead in chess. And I don't do that!

And it worked. We talked it through.
It brought tears to my eye that I have a Father who would help me when I needed it.

Tests don't come from the Lord.
Test answers do!


  1. He is a GOOD God! Thank you for this word of knowledge and encouragement.

  2. I find myself being more tolerant of my wife's differing views as time goes on - as long as there are no physical work demands.

  3. I've read that this lock down has many people suffering from the sort of anger you just wrote about.

    If only they could all do as you did, the country would be the better for it.

    I'm 68 this year. I want my life back. I love flea markets and I want to go. God has kept me safe this long and will probably continue to do so. And if not, His will be done.

    One of my brothers, 67 this year, thinks it's too soon. I told him to stay home then. I want out!

    Be safe and God bless you all.

    1. Thank you Linda.
      May our Father help each of us.
      And yes, let those who wish to "hide" do so.
      I told someone on FB:
      My Right to Freedom of Assembly is enshrined in the Constitution.
      Social Distancing is not.

  4. Women are nurturers by nature and don't want confrontation or hurt to those around them.
    It's the reason politics today are such a mess, ie. Pelosi, Waters, Jackson-Lee, etc..
    Yes, there are a few conservative women in Congress.
    We can innumerate them on one hand, almost.

  5. I think all this hiding and cowering is getting on a lot of people's nerves. I find myself praying more than usual. As for being grumpy, that's my normal personality. After 41 years, he's stuck with that. *lol*
    Personally, I shun inactivity anyway (as y'all can tell by my FB posts). So, for me and Hubby, we're ignoring the Shelter-In-Place nonsense and are going about our daily lives like normal. I miss Church, though, and I miss having full store shelves. Went to go order a DVD that I've been hankerin' to add to our extensive video library. It was to be shipped from Pennsylvania. That's a No Go. Didn't know why?! Well, apparently the ENTIRE STATE OF PA has shut down!! Wow! Now, if that's not counterproductive, I don't know what is!
    We're living in an Age Of Leftist Lunatics.

  6. What we are going through and what we are being put through -- not only the virus but also, even worse, the tyrannical reach of our so-called elected public servants -- are causing us to have our last nerve exposed.

    Screwtape and Wormwood are working overtime!

    1. Screwtape and Wormwood. Nice reference :)

    2. Yes, that's about the time I throw a St. Michael the Archangel prayer at the demon and then make my apology rounds.