Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Obamagate IS A Fitting Term

"Gate" is often tagged onto a term to denote a scandal.
Pizzagate. Bridgegate. Obamagate.

These terms all echo (or rhyme) the original: Watergate.

What was Watergate?

The term has come to mean the scandal that drove Richard Nixon, an incredibly popular president, from office.

The scandal started with the suspicion by men in the intelligence community who worked for the president, that the DNC was "in cahoots" with the Russians.
They illegally broke into the DNC offices in the Watergate complex to gather evidence of this.
They did this without the knowledge of President Nixon.

But when Nixon became aware of their activities, he tried to cover up their criminal behavior.
And the question became, "What did Nixon know, and when did he know it?".

Jump to today.

A group of intelligence community members and aides to President Obama suspected (more likely, pretended to suspect) that the Republican candidate, and then incoming president, Donald Trump was "in cahoots" with the Russians.
They then pursued illegal means to first "plant evidence" that this was true. The Steele Dossier was chief among that "evidence".
Then the illegal FISA warrants, surveillance,  and prosecutions.

Where were the Woodwards, the Bernsteins during the scandal? The courageous media?
Cheering on the effort.

Now it appears the question is "What did Obama know, and when did he know it?"


  1. And we will never know the answers... sigh

    1. Old NFO,
      Very possible!

      And why is it that we will never know the answers?

      My answers (choose one or more):

      1. BHO is a Democrat.

      2. Obama was "the first African-American POTUS.

      3. The Cult of Obama is everywhere! Particularly in the media.

  2. The available evidence, however, indicates that Obama was in the thick of it, from the beginning. He knew the details of General Flynn's phone conversation before the meeting when details were discussed.

    1. The Susan Rice e-mail appears to be his cut-out.
      Barr wants to remove the politicization of the DOJ and as such will not go after elected officials in an election year.

  3. Oh, please, we all know that Ovomit is a Marxist scumbag. He's doing very well now for a Community Organizer. (scoffing) He "did it" and he'll do even worse things before he's toes up. And we all know why, "The Cult of Obama is everywhere! Particularly in the media." You nailed it!

  4. In Nixon v. Fitzgerald, the SCOTUS ruled 5-4 that the President of the United States is entitled to absolute immunity from liability for civil damages based on his official acts. He is NOT immune from criminal charges stemming from his official acts while serving as president. The question, then, becomes one of political will to investigate, charge, and prosecute former presidents for allegations of criminal activities. My guess is that no Republican in their right mind has much interest in prosecuting Obama because doing so will set into motion a series of “gotchas” available to both parties.

    If the politicians of either party wanted to destroy the American political system, its impact being a general malaise or apathy within the voting public, that would be the way to do it. No one will prosecute Obama because no member of the Republican party wants to see the tide change when Democrats once again control the administration (Attorney General’s Office). If the Democrats should unleash this mess in the future, against former president Trump (for example), who in their right mind will ever want to serve as president? And who among us will want to bother with voting?

    I have additional questions. What constitutes criminal activity? Would it involve, for example, negligence rising to the level of criminal malfeasance? If a former present is convicted of criminal activity while serving as president, would that conviction void every policy or decision related to that “criminal” activity? The question congers up a vision of a very deep hole.

    1. Very nice.

      The two parties have been having their morning coffee at a Mexican Standoff for years. That isn't going to change this year. The next 20 years aren't looking all that good either.

      If anyone believes the Federal Government to be comprised (with a few notable exceptions) of petulant cretins with the morals of a five dollar whore, they should compare it to the State Government of California - which has reached a brand new low.

      Now me, I believe, right reason or none, that Tricky Dick knew what was going on right from day one. I also know that there's much more to being a President than one incident involving a few shady characters and a political party supporting violent idiots.

      Anyway, good job.

  5. Such great comments.
    I haven't known how to respond to them til now.
    Such great comments.

  6. Prosecute Obama? How can you prosecute a Kenyan? :-)

    But seriously, I doubt anyone will be prosecuted. Only Republicans and OANN/Fox report on this for that matter. If you look at the Google or Yahoo home search pages, there is not ONE IOTA of coverage on ObamaGate. There's a lot of Trump not wearing a mask at a golf course, though.

    I will bet the future Liberal school history textbooks won't even mention it... but they'll blame the shutdown on Trump. You betcha. ;-)