Saturday, July 4, 2020

Checking In

Happy Independence Day!

I've been busy at work the last three weeks with a new product launch and a lot of technical difficulties that arose doing it.
Then there are home repairs....and honeydo lists.
I've been trying to keep up reading other people's blogs and commenting.
Some of you are too prolific (I'm looking at YOU Larry Lambert) and it's hard to keep up.

Then there's the Facebook group I administer the, League of Deplorable Gentlemen and Ladies.

I've been co-hosting (and hosting) various radio shows over the years. I stopped linking to them here, but I'm going to start doing so again.

A few weeks ago, a former federal judge and prosecutor, professor emeritus William Wagner and I were talking about doing a radio show together. He got too busy with other projects and backed out, but others encouraged me to do a show by myself. and I felt inspired in prayer to do so.

So I've also been spending time lining up guests and topics of discussion, along with setting up a home studio, which I think I have a handle on.

The show is Your American Heritage .
"To provide a platform for a discussion of pro-life, Pro Christ, Pro America principles in the light of current and historical events."
It starts next Saturday at 8am EDST.  WAAM 1600 or TuneIn.
We take phone calls at 734-822-1600

I think our first show is going to deal with the response of the church to the repression of the state.
Scherie and I found a church last week that let us CCW and go mask free.
I'm sure I'll be interviewing the pastor, who actually does his own 30 minute radio program weekly.
Also scheduled for the first show is a friend of mine, Patrick Colbeck, rocket scientist and former state senator and candidate for governor in Michigan.
Pat's been a problem solver for a while now. is his latest effort.

Meanwhile, check out this video. Brilliant!


  1. I'm very glad to hear that you found a new church home. :)

  2. Hoping you are having a wonderful day, Happy Independence day... :)

    1. As I commented at your blog, Bunk, Happy Independence!

  3. Praise God and God bless you all.

  4. So you've just been relaxing?

  5. I've had issues getting to your blog; it goes to a summary of your previous post but looks resolved now. It that what you meant by technical issues? Happy 4th, sir.

    1. I've found that people who use Safari have issues with blogger.
      Might this be the case?

  6. Congrats on the new direction!