Friday, September 11, 2020

Shopping and Other News

 I was shopping at Meijer's last night and everyone was polite and I gave space to anybody I was walking by.

When I was leaving the sporting goods department, a young man who was walking back and forth aimlessly actually walked into my path.

I stepped back and waited for him to realize what he had done knowing it wasn't intentional.

He turned and saw me and looked startled and stepped back a little bit spreading his arms and hands as if he were to steady himself against an imaginary wall behind him.

The words out of his mouth were not "Excuse me", they were "You're not wearing a mask!"

I bet he went to public school.

People wear masks who know that they don't work.

They don't want the hassle, they want to follow the rules, they don't want to upset others.

Not to be harsh, but they are enablers.

If you can get away with it, get away with it.
Or THEY will keep getting away with it.

Oh you know me. I aim to misbehave. - Mal Reynolds | Meme Generator

And: Never Forget.

A Poem for the Day

He didn’t only light a room
He did away with dark

An MBA who sang and danced
I give you my friend, Mark

He capered in a play I wrote
Don’t worry, I won’t quote it

No need to say he played the part
Much better than I wrote it

So gifted that he stood above
But still one of the guys

You knew he heard you with his heart
Because he listened with his eyes

So, when I tell you who he was
Your ears, dear listeners, lend

Executive at Freddie Mac
And husband, father, friend

Then like three thousand others
Who left home unconcerned

He made a trip one fateful day
From which no one returned

Two weeks of doubt
Two weeks of prayer

Please tell me that
He wasn’t there

That somehow from the fire and dust
He got away

He must.  He must. 

The terror, the disaster
The pain, the loss, the waste

What horror to imagine
The moment that he faced

 I know though from the man he was
And by the life he chose

That he, when it was finished,
Instead of falling, rose

Tarzana Joe 

Mark Schurmeier 9/11/ Peace Fund
Wake Forest University


  1. Masks are stooopid. Finish line is in sight!

    1. My wife has had a few medical appointments. The hospital nazis won't let you through the door without a mast. Plus, you have to stand or sit six-feet apart, which means out of 12 chairs in the waiting room, only three people can sit while everyone else stands in the hallway--and your right or left foot HAS to touch some part of the X. So I asked a nurse, "What's the point of the blue x's on the floor if everyone is wearing a mask?"

      You know, I think that either Americans have lost their sense of humor, or this nurse needed a nap.

    2. Doctor, I think I broke my arm.
      Okay, we're gonna test you for Covid.
      And the Covid test pushes all the stuff your nostrils have been successfully holding at bay, right into you sinus cavity., past the defenses God put there.
      As for the nurse, she may have had enough of the Covid silliness and no more patience for wise-guy patients. :)

  2. After 9/11, people began asking, "How could God let such a thing happen to so many innocent people?" There were 50,000 people scheduled to work in the towers that day. It was either an amazing coincidence that 45,000 of them were late for work that day, or it was evidence of God working overtime to protect the innocent, and of the 5,000 remaining, most made it out of the buildings after they were hit. Not all, but most. Need proof of God? That was it ...

    1. I may have heard that before, but I had certainly forgotten it.
      Thank you for reminding me.
      More people want to prove God doesn't exist than does exist so they can try to ignore Him.

    2. At their eternal peril. I've often thought that a burning hell is only a biblical metaphor. In my mind, hell is the absence of God in our lives.

    3. Nicely said. The Lord doesn't have to do anything to punish me; all He needs to do is stop saving me from myself.

    4. Mustang, I lean towards an annihilationist view.

    5. That's a really good point. I'm glad you brought it up.

  3. I agree with DaBlade, masks are stooopid.

  4. 9 11 2001, I was in a meeting discussing a problem that occurred the night before when someone came in and announced that a plane had hit one of the towers. We did not know the severity.
    Plant Manager then asked me what the chances were of the problem happening again, and I said there was as much chance as the tower being hit by another plane.
    True story.
    Weirded us out.