Monday, October 12, 2020

How Would Jesus Vote?

 I just got off the phone with the author of this book:

Jesus Is Involved In Politics!

I'll be interviewing Neil Mammen Saturday.
I thought we'd just be discussing the book, but we'll be talking about the Church in persecution in the United States.
Charlie Kirk will be speaking at his California church Saturday.
Neil's church is facing heavy fines (millions) for remaining open.
I opened a real can of worms talking to him and am looking forward to talking to him more on air and with some of the others that are joined in the defense of our religious liberties he is putting me in touch with.

And if you don't go to church but you are a moral person?
If they take your religious liberties, they'll dictate your moral sensibilities, too.

I left the church I served in for 25 yrs because the pastor was too timid to stand up to the governess.
Even after her anti-church policy had been de-fanged.
I found a church that was/is willing to stand for Liberty.

God wants a people that are Bold and Courageous.


  1. YES.

    And "if you don't go to church but you are a moral person?" Let's see how that's worked out.

    One word.


    Get rid of God and all Hell breaks loose. I'd say we're beginning to see that.

    1. I believe that's the point of the Rapture.
      Take out the Godly influence and demonstrate how that works out.

  2. Promotional video is excellent.

  3. "God wants a people that are Bold and Courageous."

    There it is.

    1. I liked your use of scripture at your recent post :)

  4. If Christians don't speak on morality, we cannot speak on anything else with authority. You are so right.

  5. The "Nones" have taken over for the nuns in our previously Christian schools and universities. We need to be Bold and Courageous and not walk willingly onto the cattle car.

    1. Speaking of Nuns, the Catholics have been on the front lines of the battle against abortion. Bold and Courageous.