Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Dark Day in the Capitol

 I deleted an earlier post about the attack on the capitol.

I was pointing out that the Capitol was being attacked, not innocent business places. That's new for Antifa.

The attack on the capitol started before the crowd left Trump speaking according to witnesses. 

The Antifa that was bussed in, on video.

A clown opening the session with a stupid prayer ending with "Amen and Awoman" is a desecration of our capitol.

The normal everyday desecration of our capitol.

The certification of the theft of a nation.

That's a desecration of our capitol.


  1. Looks like we both had to deep six posts.

  2. Yep, sad day, and one that has been coming for a while...

  3. False Flag operation, went off as planned. The steal of the election is complete. Our country is over. Now what ? I suppose the only option left is war. I dread it, but we must do again what our forefathers did, and that is to wage war against our oppressors. May God be on our side as we do our terrible deeds. Amen.