Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Simple Visit to the Doctor

I took a hard fall at work when my shoelace snagged a fitting on the floor.

I went to see my doctor about the damage I did to my knee.

I see him because he doesn’t rush you out of the office.
The nurses always know to subtract a couple pounds because of the gun in my pocket.

His dad was originally my doctor.
His dad and he had a practice that they sold to a hospital system, but after a while they left that office and opened a new one. The system had placed time limits on doctor's engagement with patients.
His dad retired.

I entered the office and was told to pull my mask up higher over my nose.

First question, “Do you intend to get the vaccine?”.  “No chance.”

“Well let’s talk about that.”

Comparison to smallpox. Spoke of communities killing suspected carriers.

As if it was justified.

"Things will get worse not better." "The virus is mutating and getting more aggressive."

"One mask is not enough, two are better, not to protect you, but others around you."

"You can be asymptomatic and still infectious." 

"Kids can be infected and it will do damage that won’t be known for years." (unlike the vax?).

"The previous administration were idiots and evil by not getting us a vax sooner."

But project Warp Speed?

"The vax was NOT rushed, the science was there early on but Trump dragged his feet."

"Fox was telling us not to wear masks."
I told him her was wrong about that, that their reminders to wear a mask irk me..

“Sure you might get sick for a while, but you won’t get sick from Covid.”

Except you might.  And Florida seems to be doing OK.

After 35 minutes of indoctrination into fear, he looked at my knee.

This is part of a fear campaign to keep you in thrall to the government totalitarianism.

This is why I see so many people walking around with masks on in places that obviously don't really require them, since they can see that I am maskless.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (a real thing):

VAERS update:  77,279 *reported* Adverse Reactions, up from 60,460 last week.  929 Deaths, up from 653 last week.

"Testing has been capturing only from 10% to 25% of infections, depending on when during the pandemic someone got the virus.
Applying a time-weighted case capture average of 1 in 6.5 to the cumulative 28 million confirmed cases would mean about 55% of Americans have natural immunity.

Now add people getting vaccinated.
As of this week, 15% of Americans have received the vaccine, and the figure is rising fast. Former Food and Drug Commissioner Scott Gottlieb estimates 250 million doses will have been delivered to some 150 million people by the end of March.
There is reason to think the country is racing toward an extremely low level of infection. As more people have been infected, most of whom have mild or no symptoms, there are fewer Americans left to be infected. At the current trajectory,
I expect Covid will be mostly gone by April, allowing Americans to resume normal life."

The knee has a cracked cap. Nothing to do but limp til it doesn't hurt. 

I talked to Neil Mammen again yesterday. Co-Founder of Every Black Life Matters 

Really good stuff.


  1. Between continually having to pray about my responses to the diatribe that I did hear AND getting my "nervous leg" (that I get when I really want to kick the c*** out of a continual lecturer) — I may have gotten distracted from 90% of what you endured.

    1. By the by, you might tell that I am in no mood to endure even the first sentence of what you endured. Thank God that He sent you, not me.

    2. Well, I was a little in shock.
      And I wanted my knee looked at.
      Which he barely did.
      Sent me for x-rays though.
      Waiting for the results.
      This is not comfortable.

  2. Here’s the thing — ever notice how everyone in the leftist news covers the same event and uses the exact same verbiage to report on it? This is a result of the media talking points that are shared among all the major news outlets. My suspicion is that they all originate from Media Matters … the behind the scenes propaganda manager.

    Now notice that all doctors seem to be doing the same thing. So I begin to suspect that physicians are receiving a similar “talking points memo” on COVID from some centralized source. Long gone are physicians that are capable of thinking about YOU and YOUR COMPLAINT or YOUR CONCERNS. It’s all “boilerplate.” This is scary as heck when we’re talking about GPs … and if we’re also talking about the specialists, America's healthcare system could not be in any greater danger than that.

    As an aside, if you need help with tying your shoelaces in the morning, there’s a video for that on YouTube.

    1. Did you see the news about Greta (How dare you!) tweeting the talking points supplied to her by mistake?
      Somebody suggested to m that there is a financial incentive for him to "give me the talk" and I can believe it, because that was a the subject of a previous discussion I had with this doctor concerning some med or treatment.
      However, this sounds political in origin.

      I'll google that video.
      Seriously, I've used the kind of draw tie clamps that you find on some mountaineering gear to keep my laces tight for over 30 years now. Better than tyeing them.
      They HAVE been referred to as "baby ties" by guys who worked for me....

  3. That knee sounds painful. The lecture double so.


  4. So far no lectures from the Doc here. In fact, he's against masks and said it's pointless and tyranny.
    When we went to get our gun permits renewed at the Courthouse, I refused the symbol of oppression. The little lady behind the desk said something like, "Where's your mask". I glared at her with nostrils flared and didn't respond. She dropped it. We moved on. That's the only one. I will NOT let a paid public servant or anyone else tell me how to live.
    It must be awful to have knee pain. So sorry to hear this. I pray you're healed soon.

    1. Thank you for the prayers.
      I can walk, stiffly. No cast, sleep iffy.
      There are two things I like to do on my knees and both prayer and the other one are out for now.

  5. LOL, I can't even get in to SEE my doc... And not buying the wu flu fears...

    1. In By God Texas?!
      And I ain't buying what they're selling either.
      I just walked through a grocery store of masked people without one on. No glares, not problems. Why do people continue?

  6. I got the shot, I am 84, long term damage is not a fear. If I were younger and especially of childbearing age, no way would I take it. I will probably not get the second shot, although I might. I think at this stage of 2 weeks out immunity is supposed to be at 84%. That is what my niece's physician husband tells us. Everyone I know personally who has had it, has either had a very light case, or in 2 I know, asymptomatic but tested because of known exposure. Positive tests, which may have been wrong, anyway.
    Your emails have been returned as undeliverable, have you changed your email address?

  7. I followed the link to Every BLM and I am a little confused. They don't seem to associated with BLM, but they have BLM in their title which makes we wonder if maybe they are associated with BLM. BLM near as I can tell is a fraudulent scheme for making money.

    1. Every Black Life Matters is a Christian response to BLM, to oppose BLM.