Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Pastor Art Released

 "First 24 hours on a slab with lights on and no sleep. You could tell they have an agenda," Artur told reporters gathered outside the Calgary Remand Centre.

"They really wanted to make sure that we know that we are not welcome. That they don't like us."

from https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/controversial-calgary-pastor-released-from-custody-1.5422346

"Pawlowski's organization, known as The Cave of Adullam congregation, has been gathering weekly at a daycare and preschool building located on 26 Avenue S.E., to practice their faith. He said he and his brother were "political prisoners" while in custody."


  1. I just read on the Tatum Report that they were arrested! Their crime was holding a regular church service with no regard to local ordinances, allowing the attendees to make their own choices about their health instead.

    Calgary Police Services (CPS) were upholding a Court of Queen’s Bench Order obtained by Alberta Health Services.

  2. In its statement Saturday, Calgary police said, "It is important to understand that law enforcement recognizes people’s desire to participate in faith-based gatherings as well as the right to protest. However, as we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, we all must comply with public health orders in order to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing."

    Health uber alles! is the stalking horse for cleansing and control.

    1. The mayor is a homosexual Muslim. Let that sink in.
      Now wonder why he has a thing for Pastor Art.

  3. It's sad how backward Canada has become concerning the Gospel. I hope there can be a happy resolution to all this.

  4. The outlying areas have been ignoring Canada's gun laws for years.
    Canada has begun to play a very dangerous game here.
    Odd to think they may have a revolution before we do!

    1. I might cross the border for that.
      I'm itching for a fight.
      You know, like when volunteers went to Spain?