Friday, June 4, 2021

Vice President Mike Pence

I'm getting quite a few emails from "Vice President Mike Pence".
He's obviously considering a run for president.

I have only a small problem with Pence on not supporting the decertification of Electoral College votes.

It was a stretch, but would have been symbolic.

But to call January 6th a dark day made me curse him.

‘A dark day in history’ – Mike Pence says he and Donald Trump ‘may never see eye-to-eye’ on Capitol attack

A pox on his aspirations. 
How have I been fooled by so many "conservative" politicians, because they meet my evangelical expectations, unlike Trump?

John Kasich,
Rick Santorum.
Mike Pence.

I'm not as smart as I like to think I am.


  1. I kind of feel the same way. Had he shown even a little backbone that day things might've turned out a lot differently.


    1. Agreed. He didn't even try. Not the first time he didn't stand by President Trump.

  2. No. I will not vote for Mike Pence. If THAT is all the Repub's can offer, then, I'm done. No point in voting in National Elections anymore. Sorry, but there it is. xx

    1. +1 ditto. IN fact, I won't vote for any standard issue republican which is pretty much anyone beside Trump.

    2. DeSantis, Abbott.

      Maybe some other repub governor that does as well for the citizens that I am not familiar with. Can't think of anyone in congress.

    3. No one in Congress. Not Rand Paul either.

  3. Even if Pence didn't love on the libtards and evil democrats, he has no chance of winning. He is as exciting as a dribbling garden hose in a thunderstorm hurricane tornado.

  4. I have received that same email. My internal response was to remember how Pence caved to the LGBTQ crowd when he was in state office. To say he folded like a cheap tent insults cheap tents.

    Additionally, I disagree with Pence in that he could have taken the states that sent multiple electors and told them to iron it out. He did not have to accept the Democrat-favoring side down the line.

    Hence, Pence can just write it off.

    Now, let me start on the "Republican" senator Cornyn who took up the cause of taxing big rigs to pay for Biden's environmental programs.