Saturday, March 26, 2022

Random Thoughts

 Stuff I thought up and put on Facebook

Bunkerville inspired this

Buying votes is the Democrat Party modus operandi.
Lately they have been buying them via third party, however.
They are returning to their roots.
Instead of walking around money, it's driving around money.…


  1. Excellent! The third is my fav. The background is awesome -
    spot on.

    I've been writing daily bumper stickers since the morning after election day '20 (in my head -- mostly, though I actually have put a couple on the car for a commute, one of which was: "Democrats - Just FINE with allowing your children to be raped in the bathroom by transgenders!) Yes, I actually did that when that DISGUSTING, VILE story broke). My most recent one is: "Born free. Dying free. ...Cold. Dead. Hands."

    ANyway. I want you and Scherie (Hi, Scherie!) to know that you are truly appreciated in this fight for what once a free country grounded in freedom and rights.


    1. God bless you Fred! Always good to hear from you.
      For a while, a few years ago, I was writing stuff like that on the inside of my car's rear window in fluorescent paint, and of course, you have to write "backwards".

  2. ... "what WAS once"

    It's Saturday. Allow me a typo or two?


  3. Man, that last one. PERFECT!
    Enjoy this one too:,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

    I was thrilled to hear a lady in my bible group today tell how her nephew stood up to tyranny, refusing to participate in the medical experiment afoot, and was fired (well, not thrilled with that part). He is working again, now. We still have young fighters among us.

    1. I included that image in the post. Thanks.
      And Lord, please protect that nephew.

  4. I am making a habit of spreading this greeting as widely as I would the "I did this" stickers we see at gas stations:

    Happy Joe Biden Day (April 1)!

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