Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Chief James Craig

 I had an opportunity to have a conversation with former Detroit Police Chief James Craig who is running for governor of the state of Michigan.

You have an opportunity to listen.

I was impressed. I had a few questions answered that I know others wanted answered.

Some have questioned his conservatism, his gun and abortion positions, called him a RINO, but he's also a threat to their candidacy.

You can listen here.

or here:


  1. Good luck to Chief Craig. Just the fact that he will talk to a conservative talk show provides a glimmer of hope. Additionally, reference to conservatism does well.

    The test will come when pressure comes from the Democrat political machine to make him conform to their current anti-cop rhetoric.

    1. He stood up to the mayor and city council of Detroit when he urged the citizenry to arm themselves.

  2. "We never retreated." Man! Does he want to come to Soviet Monica? He gets it - retreat and the mob will swoop in to fill the void. I never thought about why Detroit did not succumb to the 2020 Insurrection. This sounds like a good man. "As a leader you have to love those you're leading." That was general Hal Moore's top quality of a leader.

    1. I went into this interview cautiously.
      His campaign people are very guarded.
      No surprise questions, etc, like they were afraid he couldn't handle it, even after my assurances of "no gotcha".
      I came out very impressed, particularly with his someone bold Christian stance and his admissions of past wrong thinking.
      Unfortunately he and a couple other gubernatorial candidates are facing challenges of their petition signatures to get on the ballot. The swamp is concerned.
      and thanks again for listening and commenting.

  3. That would be "Baysider" as if the reference to my communist town isn't a dead giveaway.