Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Great Reset and Electric Bicycles

Your American Heritage Radio Show

 It’s Day 479 of the coup, the theft of the American Government, by enemies both foreign and domestic. 

We are in the throes of The Great Reset. Remember the slogan from Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum of Davos: You will own nothing and you will be happy.  

How does that happen? By devaluing your dollar and making it worth less, or worthless.

Print more money than you can support.

Let me give you an analogy.

Dollars used to be backed by gold. Now they are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States.

The full faith and credit of the United States is the ability to pay it debts based on what it expects to take in in taxes and fines. That is a not an easily expandable resource.

How much of that resource is left? 

The government has printing presses to print money. What does it matter how much we print?

Well, if a dollar represented a stock share in America, and you printed more dollars, it’s like issuing more stock shares in America. That’s called watering down the shares. The value of all the shares decreases.

When you go to buy something at a garage sale, that dollar is still a dollar. But when you go to a large corporation and say, “I need to buy more steel to build more cars, and I’ll pay you with dollars.” They will rightly say, “Those dollars are worth less than they were last week. The issuer (the government) has watered those down, we’re not stupid. so you will have to give us more of those for that steel.” 

So, the automaker has to charge more for the cars it builds to cover the increased cost.

This applies to everything. Food, Diesel fuel, housing.

Now, throw in a war in a foreign country. Send them billions of dollars to defend themselves. Money that could have been spent here on the border, and the military. Money that is legally obligated to be spent by the Constitution.

That’s all right, we’ll print more. We’ll make the dollar worth less. Or worthless.

Remember War Bonds? This was where the government asked citizens to invest in defense by issuing bonds that you would buy and it would repay with interest. Now it doesn’t bother.

It will tax you more to meet the national debt. Your costs go up, your taxes go up, your usable income goes down.

Pretty soon, you need help.

What will it cost you? Obedience. 

That is the goal of this government, A free people is one that can afford to be free. If you can’t afford to be free, you will sell yourself into slavery. A Great Reset as defined by the World Economic Forum.

We must fight this. We must resist. Remember, the colonies did not win their independence without a powerful ally.

When France joined us because of the appeals of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, we won the war.

We must appeal to a powerful ally to help us. An appeal to heaven.

I’ve seen people ask, “How long will Americans tolerate this?”. I am not averse to taking up arms to defend my country, I’ve done it before. I don’t want to. We need to exhaust every other means of defense. There’s a better way.

This is spiritual warfare. Good vs Evil.

Psalm 144 Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle. My lovingkindness and my fortress, my high tower and my deliverer, my shield and the One in whom I take refuge.

Clasp your hands and fingers together, bow your heads and,
Let’s pray, Let’s go to war. 

Father in Heaven, Lord of Armies as described in the Bible, we come before You, we ask You to protect us from these oppressors. We ask you to come to our aid.

We ask you to bring them to a place of repentance, a penitentiary or both.

We ask that you inform and motivate those who aren’t informed or motivated to rise to the defense of our nation.

That you would move across this land with a Great Awakening to help us as a country to be awake and not woke.

That as the statue in Detroit says, from 2 Corinthians 3:17: Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.


As for these political oppressors, the unconstitutional tyrants and dictators 

Psalm 109 

7 When he is judged, let him be found guilty, and let his prayer become sin.

8 Let his days be few and let another take his office.

We are going to get into current events and political activity, perhaps comments on the Chief Craig interview. later in the show. 2000 mules, election disintegrity, Ukraine, Inflation, etc. And I’ll expect calls then.

Right now, I’d like to introduce a friend of mine.

Dave Wolfe is a former helicopter pilot in the US Army. He flew combat in Vietnam, and Cold War in Europe.

Dave took a disability from the army and came home to civilian life. Like another friend of mine, another Vietnam chopper pilot Dave Read (don’t confuse the two, maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up) Dave Wolfe came home and started a business, a computer store. He then moved to Michigan. He was an ebay entrepreneur. Then he saw a need and an opportunity. Sometimes it’s hard to stay home and do nothing. Dave started an electric bike business in Brighton, but not just any electric bike business. And he’ll tell us more. Please welcome Dave Wolfe.

Dave explains how he got into the electric bike business and relates a couple interesting stories from his days as a combat helicopter pilot in Nam.

I watched 2000 mules this week. This is a documentary by Dinesh D’Souza.

This is prima facia evidence of a stolen election, and a stolen election means a stolen government, a stolen nation, stolen power and stolen resources. And this movie is not getting the exposure it deserves. I’ve talked to a number of people who have not heard of it. There is, in my mind, a distribution problem. 

I’ll be frank, I could not get to a movie theater the night it had a one night theatrical release.
Then I attempted to find it online. You have a few and very few options:

Buy the DVD for $25 and wait for it.

Pay $29 with a account and “own” it as long as you have that account.

Pay $50 for a Dinesh account and watch it for a year and any other Dinesh content.

I chose the $50 option to support Dinesh and because there is a third option:

I’ve been offered a bootleg copy of the movie, because people feel that stealing content from Dinesh is ethical and moral as long as it supports the cause.

I suggest you obtain the movie legally and share it with friends and relatives, after making them curious.

My wife and I did that with the Hillary movie and family members who were unaware became politically active.

This is called grass roots activism.


  1. Bravo Zulu, brother! Signed, Rev. Paul

  2. Excellent Ed. Lawlessness abounds and by the looks of it there is no end in sight unless we stop them. At least half the people have been hypnotized to a mass psychosis level never before seen. They are unreachable. So be it. We will support those that fight (we also paid the $50 for the years content on Dinesh's site) and do what we can from here, otherwise I don't even try because those who buy into the propaganda aren't listening.

    Keep up the good fight. God bless.

    1. Well, it looks like I've got the Paul contingent covered. 😀
      I appreciate the comments.
      I know that some are unreachable, but I can't judge which they are. Much like Salvation. And I believe the two are interrelated as this is spiritual warfare. But the real target is those in the middle, the uninvolved.

  3. I always enjoy, and agree, with all your thoughts.
    Steve and I have been in the "war room" with prayers and will continue to do so until He calls us Home. May God have mercy on us.

  4. Kudos to your friend. This is the kind of 'charity' America is full of.

    I was very impressed with the work of True the Vote. I heard Epoch Times' interview with them and decided I would see the documentary. They seem extremely careful to bring data out they can support and let it speak for itself. Many of the drop locations lacked video surveillance - set up, but cameras focused elsewhere. And gee, nobody noticed until Engelbrecht got hold of them? Like Jesus said, this is the type that only comes out with prayer and fasting.

    1. I feel so stupid for imagining that the video surveillance had been set up because they said it would be.
      That should have been the first thing we verified when the drop boxes were thrust upon us.
      Not that I ever thought drop boxes were a good idea.
      And you are right (of course): demonic.

  5. Appreciate the fine post as always...they are back to mischief in PA. Has the GOP learned nothing? The PA House and Senate is Republican.

  6. Well done! And prepare for worse... $6.00/gal gas by the end of the year, 401K's are down 25% on the average as of today, and estimated to sink even further... sigh

  7. This week Dinesh said several things;

    - 2000 Mules is showing in 400 theaters starting today. 4 daily showings each.

    - The movie and associated costs are $5 million. That expenditure before the movie is even shown.

    - He knows there are bootlegs. He prefers watching legit but if all one can afford is a bootleg, then he doesn't mind much.

    Implied is an honor system.

    1. Also, theater tickets may be purchased through online ticket sites such as Fandango.

      As for the movie getting exoosure, Dinesh said theaters have been calling him to get their own screenings. You know the media is trying to keep the lid on.

    2. Good news! Thanks! Iisten to his podcast, but not daily.

  8. Too many Daves?
    I'm now motivated to watch the movie even though the State of our world depresses me. (I continually say "I'm glad I'm old" because I've lived my life in sane times.)
    Helicopter pilots are special people.
    Most are Conservatives.