Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Second Revolution


The Revolution is on! Details here: Your American Heritage July 2 2022


  1. I never heard of the Lemon clause - just its effect. I wondered how we got to this backward position inverting the establishment of religion.

    "Superintending control" over a lower court judge. Interesting workaround with no option to appeal. Good for him! The strategy of getting together with like-minded groups to push a suit and get before a friendly judge for a "finding" - you know where we've heard that before? 2020 election. Prior to it vote cheater activists filed suits against friendly secretaries of state who then "settled" to avoid court, voiding important provisions to protect voter integrity.

    The discussion about the Chevron doctrine - wonder how that applies to doctors threatened with de-licensure for their 1st amendment protected speech? Dunno, but as for the rest of the discussion - thank God for Donald J. Trump!

    I keep hearing "people are waking up" but I have to wonder.

    1. The Lemon test was a new one to me also.
      Thank God for these brave Justices, also!

    2. Yes to the justices. Lots of pressure - and way beyond the social circuit pressure that keeps you in the party circuit.