Monday, August 1, 2022

Conversation with a Jan 6th Victim

 Your American Heritage July 30 2022 w/ Derek Kinnison

Derek Kinnison is a patriot who tells his story of going to the Capitol, (but not in the capitol) on Jan 6th and his subsequent persecution by the bastard government administration of Xi Biden.

It's a narrative of a disgusting abuse of power and "law enforcement" gone wrong.

Then in the second half, there is a discussion of the "gaslighting" of the American Public, 1984 Newspeak style. AOW has a discussion of Gaslighting at that link.
Changing the definition of terms to fit their narrative.
With audio clips.


  1. I'm heading out to am meeting and will listen later. The Epoch Times has done great work on this, AND they've taken down their paywall for 3 days of J6 news, including today on the suspicious characters that fits with their documentary I linked on the other day:

  2. I liked "religion is what you do when you're on your way to heaven.: :)

    Yes, I remember this man from the documentary. A disgusting abuse of power, indeed. Designed to terrorize anyone else thinking about exercising their rights. After learning how "persons of interest" who appeared to be coordinating incitement to trouble kind of dropped off the Justice Dept's radar screen, were not raided and flogged into submission, this case gets curiouser and curiouser. Jeff Zink—a Republican candidate in Arizona running for U.S. Congress against incumbent Democrat Ruben Gallego— alleges that his son was falsely arrested over Jan. 6, and says he received an anonymous phone call telling him that if he drops out of the race, the charges against his son will be dropped. Here.

    Wishing Mr. Kinnison the best in justice and a sound life.

  3. I find it hard to listen to or even read what has happened to Patriots, American citizens. It breaks my heart to know my own country has turned into a tyranny run by who knows for sure. I know that we have become Sodom and Gomorrah and deserve nothing less. Repentance is needed and I don't see enough of that coming. I just have to keep faith that more good people will not suffer for others sins.

    1. Hmmm, I thought I commented on this earlier...
      I always wondered how believing Israelites fared in Babylon.

  4. RC+1. Sorry to report that others do RC. Just finished reading Exodus. Joshua and Caleb were stuck in circles in the desert, waiting another 40 years to get to the Promised Land cuz they got outvoted. (:

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  6. Nicely done interview. Truly sucks.