Sunday, December 4, 2022

Thomas More Report

I spoke to the top guy at Thomas More Law Center, Richard Thompson.

Great conversation!

We talked primarily about their wins regarding Free Speech (that being in the news so much lately and all).

They recently won a case against Kamala Harris that precludes 501C3's from having to disclose donor lists. Yuuuge!

And "More" recently they forced a lib high school in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor to let a conservative student make a statement on the school public address system countering the lefty statements other students were making daily.

Then I played an amazing audio clip from Tucker Carlson talking to James Woods regarding free speech and the defense of it, and we talked about that. 

If you missed that Tucker Carlson episode, you should at least listen to the clip.

Your American Heritage 12 3 2022


  1. Apparently, WYD is on hiatus as is AOW, and these trolls have nowhere to go to show off their ineptitude and ignorance.

  2. Very interesting to hear the outcome of the Harris v. 'Freedom of Speech' case. And congratulations to the TM Law Center. This case made my blood boil. I knew about it as soon as she did it. This is illegal. Harris, who plays on her 'I was a poor little black girl' background SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

    I knew about the old NAACP cases - back in the day when it was actually working for the advancement of colored people - which took 2 cases like this to the supreme court AND WON. How can Harris NOT know these landmark cases? The state lost the first case, then came back with a 2.0 variation to slip it in another way and it got slapped down too. The state of [I think] Alabama wanted to force the NAACP to reveal their donor list to the state in a clear move of intimidation against their donors. That is EXACTLY what Harris intended. Leak out names through activist groups who would put pressure to eliminate the speech and influence of conservative groups. The high profile cases like Brandon Eich only put blood in the water to the sharks. SHE. KNEW. A viscous

    PS: Eich is now the head of Brave. Another reason to switch to that browser, which I use.