Monday, August 21, 2023

Lawfare Report

 Your American Heritage 8 19 2023

I spoke with attorney David Kallman (of Kallman Legal Group, Salt and Light Global and the Great Lakes Justice Center) about the charges against Trump and against the Michigan Alternate Electors, one of which he is representing in court.


  1. For several months in a row in the summer of 2020 and on, there were Violent Riots, Looting, Burning & Vandalism and Destruction of Businesses and Public Property to the Tune of Billions of Dollars and Attacks on Law Enforcement and Death. Total unchecked anarchy ! These were all condoned and encouraged by the democrats who in many cases bailed the culprits out.
    Then for about 3 hours on January 6th. there was a peaceful protest with no fires, no looting, no destruction and no death EXCEPT the murder of an innocent unarmed female protester named Ashli Babbitt !
    For political reasons & with complete falsehood, the Democrats and the DOJ and the MSM have compared J6 to Pear Harbor and 911 ! The democrats call it as the “ biggest threat to our democracy” !
    Presently, the biggest threat to democracy are the democrats & their allies in the fake MSM .
    Nothing could be further from the truth !
    This was all calculated to harass Donald Trump after leaving office and in order to have excuses to persecute him and stop him
    from running for office again !
    And here is another classic example of democrats accusing their opponents, in this case, Donald Trump, of their actions & illicit behavior !
    Just like Jack Smith, this judge, is corrupt and bought and totally paid for by the DNC & the DOJ !
    This is shameful interference with Free Speech and a Fair Trial as well as Fair Elections !!
    In 2020 they hid the Hunter Biden laptop with all of The Biden family Bribes and the Corruption and now they are acting above the law by treating Donald Trump unfairly and unjustly and beneath the law.
    All this to Cheat him Again in running for President and winning !

    1. A +1. Anonymous never mentions BLM, actually, but does cite a verifiable fact of widespread "Violent Riots, Looting, Burning & Vandalism and Destruction." 100 days in staid Portland, Oregon. About 3 weeks in Seattle. Scores of businesses looted and some burned blocks from my house, with 2 friends - both minorities - put out of business permanently by them, as we hunkered down in our home with tear gas and curfews while waves of looters ran past. These were planned events. In some cases with projectiles stockpiled for rioters. In our town we had 2 distinct groups: one protesting the death of Floyd, and another looting and burning. A friend in the peaceful protest was an eye witness to the forming up of Group #2 which used Group #1 as a stalking horse to ramp up a half mile square of destructive criminal activity.

      It was sad to see news footage in the aftermath of citizens who volunteered to help clean up being harassed by some motorists of the same race as the rioters and who liked the vandalism and were angry that people were removing it.

      A former HUD official and head of a Wall Street investment firm who tracked the map of destruction noted that the bulk of these that were allowed to run unchecked were in urban areas in which there was great interest in redevelopment. "Looks like a redevelopment plan to me" - a bit tongue in cheek, but meaning destruction allowed to bring property values down to be bought out cheaper.

    2. Peacefully walk over to the Capitol, said to a then very peaceful assembly. Yes, I'm aware.

    3. The comment you made about redevelopment plans through destruction reminds me of a certain fire in Hawaii.

    4. Dave Dubya: "Of course you are aware of the fact Trump PRAISED his mob of thugs for terrorizing Congress and beating cops bloody to overturn the election."
      A bold faced lie. Retract it, or support it.

  2. Arresting DJT and the alledged "J6" conspirators is all smoke and mirrors to cover the heinous crimes of the Demoncrat Party and RINO's. I keep praying for them to get saved, but we also need justice to be meted out against those that are so evil. Might have to wait until the Judgement Seat of Christ for justice though. We'll see.

  3. Dave Dubya In Your SICK world nobody has a "Clue" except you Sicko's. You Filthy Scum think that you own the the entire world, and make up all the rules. But I have some news for you Scum-Balls.! You don't means a Rat's Ass in my book, or in any sane person's book!

  4. What’s wrong with you Dave that your best “defense” of the indefensible is to say “but Trump does it also ”.

    People do many things all the time that should never be done.And that doesn’t mesn it’s OK to do it!

  5. "Conspiracy against the rights of citizens." Now we know the perfect charge for Tony Fauci and his lackey Birx.

    We have the banana republic specter of the leader of a major country's opposition party being metaphorically assassinated by coordinated lawfare designed to keep him out of a presidential race.

    You are right about when you're brought into court on criminal charges. Yeah, discovery baby! In a major local case of a church that re-opened in the lockdowns, the county rained pee on them. Threats to cut water and power and fines. Criminally charged. The church's lawyer pushed for a trial. The county resisted, preferring to let fines rack up. Finally, the legal team moved to force a trial and made it clear they would depose top health officials and all the county board of supervisors. Whaddya know, all charges were dropped, the county paid the church's huge legal fees and promised to never, ever do it again. Obviously, there was stuff the county did not want revealed in discovery - like no basis for their actions perhaps. Look at what Tucker dug up in Capitol videos. I'm not a hopeful in these show trials.

    1. Hope for the best, work for the best. And illegitimous non-carborundum.

    2. Dave, you sabotage credibility with such over-the-top hyperbole that would even make Donald Trump on his worst day or Joy Reid on any day blush.
      the "ever-honest and pure of heart" messiah
      patented radical Right "Victim Card"
      (sorry babe, the Left has a LOCK on that one)
      Straw men ev'ry one.

  6. You mention Hawaii, Ed. I didn't even consider that it might've been a Democrat stunt/land grab UNTIL I heard the callous "No comment" from the foreign-agent- in-chief.

    There's no limit to their greed and depravity.


    1. Fred,
      Please share the recording that you "heard" Biden saying, "No comment".
      Or is there no limit to your dishonesty and gullibility?

    2. I need not share it. I heard and saw it.

  7. I also agree with Pascal's assessment in previous comments: The tech weaselmonkeys seem to be monitoring in real time here.


  8. Democrats to tech: "Dance, weasel, dance!"

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  10. Our Nation as we knew is different that it was when I was growing up, I doubt very much if our children will ever know the wonderful things that we di when we were children, I can’t even recognize this country anymore. I don’t believe that there remains much doubt, that we went off course just after Barack Obama was elected. If you remember he promised that he would “Re-Shape America” and he did. . We are, or were a republic because that’s the path that was chosen for us at our outset. We sought to avoid a monarchy and we had legitimate and justified concerns about the dangers of excess caused by a “democracy.” The Framers plotted a different course for us. But the world, and our country are much different now.
    Biden had CERTAINLY changed it.
    And nowBiden says that he is running in 2924 because he wants to finish the job.

    That is one of the things that really scares me. When someone is busy plotting and planning to “Finnish the Job” , I think it would be wise to oppose his efforts to “Finish the Job”
    When someone like these trolls for the Progressive Crap-Hole are so totally blinded by their partisan preconceptions that it doesn’t even dawn on them that WE Conservative, Republicans don’t think the way they even imagine we do.

    President PotatoHead is a walking Zombie, a Complete Senile Delusional Nut-Case . His administration is a disaster, and it is wrecking the Nation. . Why on Earth anyone supports that Alzheimer Victim is a mystery. And why any thinking individual would approve of his desire to “Finish” the Wrecking Job he has started is also a puzzlement.

    But the Vermin like these “Trolls” can go ahead and genuflect to the moron who thinks “Made in America” is a bad thing.
    Can it be fixed?

    Most Probably not. There are Far too many people that care more about their Political Party then the Country.
    Today that is seen as a weakness and our current President is feeding right into them .
    Our basic Ideas are drastically different. The Wide open Southern Border, the Ten Million un-vetted Illegals that Biden allowed to enter, the Draq Queen shows in Kindergarten, Porno books, given to 10 and 12 year olds. These Moroni Biden Supporters escapees from a Insane Asylum. who think that’s a good thing have gone too far and you must be stopped, or you can Kiss this Country Good bye. No on can work with the Clowns that the Democrats installed into DC offices. These Clowns who Rip up Presidential SOTU speeches on live TV are a prime example. .


  11. The Judge UN-FAIRLY Limited Trump’s Ability to Share Jan. 6 Evidence During a 90-minute hearing in Washington, Judge Tanya S. Chutkan also warned the former president against any attempt to intimidate witnesses or prejudice potential jurors “. Here is another classic example of democrats accusing their opponents, in this case, Donald Trump, of their actions and illicit behavior ! Just like Jack Smith, this judge, is Corrupt and bought and paid for by the DNC & the DOJ ! This is shameful interference with free speech & a fair trial and fair elections !! In 2020 they hid the Hunter Biden laptop...The unchecked absentee ballots, the ballot harvesting, the vote by mail under the excuse of Covid-19 and the halting of the counting in the middle of the night, when Trump was leading in the swing states and then having Biden in the lead after they returned in the morning !
    Changing and relaxing the rules for checking legal votes , lack of signature verification and more.
    Add to that, the fact that Biden remained in his basement & couldn’t get more than a dozen people attend his rare campaign rallies , whereas Trump drew millions of people to his rallies !
    Then include the phony impeachments of Trump after failing to pull off the hoax of Russian collusion and obstruction of Justice and the constant hostility of the news media !
    Finally, the dismissal of the Hunter Biden laptop contents as Russian propaganda since 2018 and hiding the facts of bribery and corruption till 2023 !
    The MAGA President basically lost to a Turnip with Major Cognitive Disability & Dementia !
    That’s right, you have to believe all those facts are mistaken and that the Ass-Hat Clown, Joe Biden got the most votes in history with 81 million votes !

    This Is Your Sunday Moment Of Zen!

  12. The goofy, heartless dufus hisownself:

    Oh, the Democrat governor of Hawaii Democrat said that, did he? And we all know a Democrat would never, ever lie [cheat and steal]! BWAH-ha-ha-ha!!!

    SO entertaining when they come out of Mommy's basement and try to school us.

  13. It was "disgraceful" that Bidumb hadn't responded to the loved ones in Maui quicker that almost 2 weeks late, though White House spokespersons have said that Biden's long delayed his trip so he wouldn't distract officials and rescuers on the ground from recovery efforts. In other words HE HAD NO EXCUSE!
    Don't forget that this is the Turnip that said "No Comment" when asked about the Maui situation.


  14. Les CarpenterAugust 21, 2023 at 1:40 PM
    Religion divides. Spirituality unites.

    Look how this Idiot Les Carpenter feels about Religion.

    There are fewer seekers compared to those who simply accept that which society and religious organizations tell them to believe... without question. Beliefs held strongly cause people to close off to all that doesn't allign with their reified beliefs. Seeking if the way. Not simply accepting.

  15. Liberals VS. Conservatives

    A lot of leftist politicians have voters believing that they are liberal. Liberals believe in freedom of speech, “leftists” do not. “Leftists” are not interested in anyone's rights except their own. Divide and conquer is how they achieve that. Some of them advocate for (among other things) separate graduation ceremonies for black and white students. There is a name for that. It's called "Separate but equal". In America, liberals are patriotic Americans, leftists are not! Liberal politicians need to challenge leftists in primary elections. The future of America depends on that happening.I hope you will be voting for the Conservatives next year. And not the “Leftwing “ bunch of Idiots.

    1. Understand, I post for those of us who actually value truth and facts

  16. The Bottom line is...

    Is that the way that I, as I see it, is the vast majority of Americans remain clueless, believing the political climate is only regulated the way that the Crooked Biden administration wants it to be, so in reality nothing at all is going to change until we get rid on that sick’o in the White House who is ruing the country to make him and his Crack-head Son even more wealthy even beyond our imagination . Until then this nation is doomed. The leftist politicians, and the journalists are responsible for the election of the incompetent, lying criminal Joe Biden. Their lies and distortions defeated Donald Trump, and if they continue, we are in deep doo-doo..
    The time to “WAKE-UP, has long been past.
    And if you believe what this government is telling you then you are part of the corrupt, continuous witch hunt that is taking place with the Biden government against political opponents! The DRIBBLE that these 2 Leftist MORONS from the Progressive blog that were sent here by their Leftist NINCOMPOOP are the propagandists that I am referring to . The are either Stupid, or just plain dummies who spread the lies of their "Moronic LAIR In Chief " the Mistress of the Progressive blog.
    You are part of the problem that is destroying this Country. Shame on you!

  17. Ed, your fine blog has been Hijacked by 2 Idiots, who are trying to upset your blog and make you your fine blog look less creditable. These two DOPES, have been doing things like this for a very long time. It is my opinion and others as well that they have been sent here by the so called "Queen, of CRAPOLA, The female (anti Trump) with an Obsession to keep him from becoming the next President, and to Throw Out the Dirty Scum who has been hurting our wonderful country. This Female Moron won't allow any one to post on her RAG as she will not post anything that is not in her favor.
    Good Luck, your going to need it.

  18. It has gotten so that anything endorsed by Trump is automatically wrong because Dopey Joe Bidumb’s administration has endorsed fear into it rather than enthusiasm.. Dopey Joe has to be defeated in 2024, or our country is in deep jeopardy of being completely destroyed . We can not allow them to do anything to Steal this election as they did in the previous one.

  19. The leftist journalists, as well as those 51 senior intelligence officers who lied to the American people in an effort to elect dumb Joe? They as well as some CREEPS such as Adam Schiff, etc. are responsible for the election of the incompetent, lying criminal Joe Biden. Their lies and distortions defeated Donald Trump and gave us this Potatohead.

  20. Ray Cranston, Ans that Other POS Dave Dubya, come from the worse of the worst Blog in the Blogisphere and should be treated so. DO NOT LISTEN TO, OR TRY TO BELIEVE ANYTHING EITHER OF THESE TWO ASININE LUNATICS SAY. .


  21. "I invite all to read my post "
    I never heard of this blog before someone here posted at Progressive Eruptions. It appears they swarmed here after another far Right blog shut down.

    She tolerates some of their comments, but not the ones with personal name calling.
    Nobody was "sent here".

    They LIE like a Rug, they are there posting daily. Do Not listen to ANYTHING these 2 Lunatics say!
    Believe it or not, some of us are interested in what the other side thinks and how they respond to facts. Usually it's just more parroting of Trump lies and hate. "Trump's Toddlers" have earned the moniker.

    I invite anyone to comment at my blog, as long as it isn't racist and loaded with name-calling.

    Opinions: Belief v Fact


  23. Nothing There To Discuss. NOTHING Makes Any Sense! THIS GUY IS FULL OF SHIT

  24. Idol is 100 percent correct. I for one will Stop posting here. And Stop Coming here!

    1. DNFTT. Please comment to the rest of us.

  25. Ignore rude attention whores. There's nothing they hate more.

    They're free to be clueless (usually uninvited and unwelcome) jerks.

    And you're free to ignore them.

    That's the beauty of freedom. And they can't stand it.


    1. Are you talking about the Idiotic Progressive Queen?
      If so, I TOTALLY AGREE!

  26. Last night the 2 winners were Ron Desantis who had good policies without the name calling.
    And Nicki Haley was a clear second, with Ramaswamy doing an excellent job coming in 3rd.
    Pence, and Christie were both Terrible and shouldn't even have been there. And between the 2 of them Christie was the WORST!.
    but any of the ones there were FAR better than the IDIOT currently in the White House.

  27. Chris Christie was constantly drawing Boos from the crowd. Even more than Biden would have.

    1. I'm pretty sure that Donald Trump would jump at the chance to debate Biden, and he eventually will. . The fact that the Biden's Son was given $3.5 million from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, wasn’t even mentioned, as the entire Lap Top wasn’t either. Trump surely would have brought those two topics up. The real question is why would Joe Biden refuse to debate Trump? We can pretty much guess the answer to that. It's not because of Biden's popularity, it's because he's mentally and physically unfit to debate Donald Trump Trump would rn circles around Biden, and he will.
      Donald Trump won. He won without showing up. He won without saying a word. DeSantis may not have the charisma, that Trump has but DeSantis actually has stood up to the Left, their wokeism and really hit George Soros hard.
      Christie, Scott, and Pence have NO chance. They were non factors., in fact the 3 of them looked very bad out there.
      But from the 7 who did appear there, Nikki Haley was the “Grown Up” in the room, and Ron DeSantas won with the Best Policies. Ramaswamy was really hot and did very well with the the MAGA base until Nikki Haley took him apart.
      She won the stage last night.

    2. Trump may be eager to debate but Hidin' Biden is still hiden (or on vacation).

  28. The Highlight of the night was when
    Ramaswamy told Christie -
    “You should give me a hug just like you did to Obama, and you helped him win”

  29. Of those who showed up, I thought that in my estimation Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley gained the most

    Ramaswamy showed that he is someone to be reckoned with. And Obviously Did Very Well.
    As for Pence, he still stunk!

  30. In that Moronic Progressive blog, the IMBECILE Progressive Queen has constantly claimed that Former President Trump IS GUILTY of the many felonies that he's been indicted for. He hasn’t even been tried yet for any of those Phony Inditement, so had can she say ty, or even assume it? So she should stop claiming things which are not true, Bu that’s the way of these Liars. They think if you repeat these LIES often enough then people will assume its the truth!

    1. That "moronic progressive blog" -- you will have to be more specific (since that covers just about all Democrat blogs that I have encountered).

  31. I really enjoy watching you liberal scum raising hell if the poll against you are so high you can't plan for enough fake ballots to steal '24. You'll be squealing about a steal louder and more violently than any Republican did in '20. If the courts choose to ignore another steal like '20, this nation is going to come apart at the seams and when half the country realizes there's no longer any reason to trust elections, even YOU people will suffer from the negative consequences of that. ALL OF US will be harmed, not just your "opponents".


  32. The most hated politician in America is Joe Biden

    He's the one who hears chants of "FUCK JOE BIDEN" everywhere he goes.

  33. Does Chris Christie actually think people like him?

  34. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis does not simply want to secure the U.S.-Mexico border — he wants to flatten the criminal elements on the other side whose illegal drugs helped kill at least 109,000 Americans last year alone.
    So what’s wrong with that!

  35. I see the comment string did it's normal BS and degenerated into snide comments from our duty leftie...


  36. Officials in Florida are warning residents to keep their distance from wild monkeys that have been spotted around the city.

    Residents of Orange City, about 30 miles north of Orlando, have reported multiple sightings of wild monkeys within the city, the Orange City Police Department said in a Facebook post Wednesday.
    Police warned locals not to feed or try to capture the monkeys and to report sightings to the commission's Wildlife Alert Hotline.

  37. Biden visits the Maui Fire Victims and tells them he knows how they feel cuz his Kitchen one had a Fire, and he lost his Cat from it.
    My question is…….Do you think Biden lied about his Kitchen fire?

  38. I have never had that problem with a Kitchen fire before like Biden did.
    I think we all should set our houses a fire so we can feel poor Joe's pain..,,

    1. Or at least we should oblige him and go over and burn down his house. Since I am not sure which one he keeps the Vette in, this might take a couple of tries.

    2. You could get in trouble for destroying government documents.

  39. In last Night's debate performance, I thought that Ron DeSantis sad Nicki Haley both had VERY strong performances, Vivek was pretty good, actually much better than I first thought he's be and Pence was as dull as White Bread , and Christie was the real long shot that everyone knew had Zero chance of winning anything. .In fact they were both terrible

  40. A Concerned AmericanAugust 26, 2023 at 7:53 AM

    Several of the Gold Star families have been treated like crap by Biden said on of the Gold Star Mother’s.
    “And that the MSM have been playing along with him
    On the two-year anniversary of the Afghanistan withdrawal, Gold Star parents are calling for Biden to either resign, or to be Impeached. .

    The Daily Caller spoke to the parents of Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee, Marine Cpl. Humberto Sanchez, Marine Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover and Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui — five of the service members who were killed in the Abbey Gate terror attack at the Kabul airport on Aug. 26 of 2021.
    The Gold Star families called for President Joe Biden to resign and expressed frustration at the president’s lack of accountability for the chaotic withdrawal on that day! They also requested for the 13 service members killed in the Abbey Gate terror bombing to be honored at the White House, and for Biden to finally say their names.
    Many of the Families of the 13 US service members who were killed in an ISIS suicide bombing during the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan lined up Monday to slam the White House — In fact there was one Gold Star Mothers that accused Biden of acting CALLOUSLY that let to the death her Son. And to also STOP mentioning his Son”s name whenever he spoke to them, because HIS SON was NOT killed in action, but rather killed from Cancer.

  41. Regardless of what happens to Trump and if he is guilty or otherwise, the legal system had already failed before he was indited, by Biden and his Cronies. .

  42. A Concerned AmericanAugust 26, 2023 at 8:11 AM

    Men who gave up their Bud Light as an expression of their Rampant Heterosexuality are now fawning like pre-teen girls over a photograph, and boycotting a Major Corporation. .And that's alright, I agree that people should be able to have their opinions and to voice it.

    This is not a very nuanced contradiction, people.

    But NOW IN BIDEN'S AMERICA you can't discuss the result of a VERY Questionable Election here, on the surface.....where open speculation about pederasty is deafening, and unmolested.
    Is that because it is Politically Incorrect? Id so WHY have we lost our Freedom of Speech and expression here in a (Free Nation)" since when has that changed, and why has it changed???

  43. Remember, the far left tends to Shoot their own members in the Foot when they find themselves in a big jam. Steve Cohen and Fatso Poopy Pants Jerry Nadler think it's funny to cannibalize their own. And the idiotic Progressives think that Donald Trump was "Bad", they all tend to think with their Behinds, and not their Heads. The real "Culprit", and Guilty person is Potatohead Joey Bidumb, along with his Pot-Head, Carack-head, Crack Smoking, RETARDED SON

  44. The Progressive Queen Shenehneh is desperate. Shehnehneh wants to see President Trump executed by a lynch mob over crimes he did not commit. Shenehneh could care less whether the circus trial is constitutional or not as long as Poopy Pants remains in office, and his Crackhead, Lying, Cheating, Retarded Son is not indited. .

    1. You're full of kaka, Rattraper.

  45. The dangers of voting by mail are known to all of us (except the delusional liberals). Trump just confirmed that mail voting results in fraudulent results everywhere it happens.
    Do Not vote by mail. I repeat. DO NOT Vote by Mail

  46. There should be no doubt that we cannot trust our government under the iron-fisted rule of the progressive communist democrats to protect America and its citizens.

    Who in their right mind would demand that defense contractors hire non-citizens, even for washing the dishes in a McDonald's ?

    Yet we find the corrupt Obama/Biden Administration demanding that we weaken our defenses even more so again to favor those illegal aliens that have been breaching our borders, sleeping in our streets, and bringing in that Fetial that has been killing our citizens, especially our Young People. .

  47. Someone asked: can a felon run for president?
    SO FAR TRUMP IS NOT A FELON, He was accused, not Convicted!

    1. It didn’t stop Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, or Ted Kennedy!

  48. Why is the left ignoring something that is appealing to half the country, those tens of millions of people?

    Should the left start understanding this more rather than just labeling half the country MAGA's? It isn’t just because they are MAGA’s. It’s because they believe in the same things that Trump does, And NOT what Biden is doing to this Country.

    Is ignoring the true meaning of Trump's appeal to half the country going to come back and bite them in the ass, as it did in 2016?
    I'm a big believer that the left just don't understand why it is that people vote for Trump and that this easy dismissal of his voters as being nothing but "MAGA" is rather blind of them and that they need to understand Trump voters more. In a way, it has nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with why voters want to vote for Trump. The left don't even try to understand this. It's easier for them to believe that all of Trump's supporters are MAGA. (Make America Great Again). Think about the way the country was with each of the two! Think about how it is now! We are at our WORSE, our citizens are very UNHAPPY, we are so DIVIDED that it is very dangerous.
    And all because of Biden.
    Thanks for reading.

  49. The left has ZERO knowledge of what the truth is...brainwashed by public universities, Hollywood & media for decades! They've been conditioned to hate anything conservative & is why they hate Trump and those who have already awakened.

  50. So happy that people are finally starting to speak up and speak out.

    No more swallowing all the disgusting crap they're constantly trying to shove down our throats.

    I've said from the morning after election day (along with, "NO FRIGGIN WAY!", of course): "They won't succeed. They'll destroy each other first, eventually. ...But will they take us all down with them?"

    They are WAY outnumbered and they know it. That's why they have to work so hard to try and censor truth and they do everything possible to force you to fall in line with the sheep [oh how I despise the sheep!] and do their bidding.

    ANYway... Born free, dying free. There's a much better place


  51. What they are doing to Trump is , very day, and it is disgusting. They aren't just doing it to him. They are indicting or investigating everyone associated with him, including little old ladies that were alternate electors. Now they are investigating Leonard Leo, one of the co-founders of the Federalist Society and who heads some organizations that push for originalist judges.
    Leonard Leo, is very popular I heard him give a speech recently and was very impressed. And I I was shocked when I was walking home today and saw lampposts plastered with anti-Leonard Leo posters.

    The article in The Atlantic and the chatter regarding using the 25th Amendment to disallow someone from the ballot (and you know who) is BS. They want a one party rule. Just like they have in 3rd world nations. All the forces are starting to begin their ploys to make sure we don't have an election in any meaningful sense of the term. They know best. They are experts. We are just the little people. Why should we have a say in who governs our country?

    Their interpretation of the 25th amendment would let governors, secretaries of state and a whole range of other people -- single handedly cast someone from the ballot --- without so much as an indictment, a trial or anything. Just whatever that one person thinks. And they will do this in the name of "democracy". Now, does that sound like democracy to you? One person deciding? (Before you start yelling at me for using the word democracy, I mean democracy with a small d. Yes, I know we're a republic.) is this what you want? Im sure not!

    PS: I'm quite sure that unless you follow this 24/7, you don't even realize all the lawsuits going on across the country. Civil, criminal, investigations, old people, young people, lay people, esteemed lawyers.... anyone associated with him or the movement. There's a ton of them you never hear about. This is what ghe re-elect of Biden will do .

  52. Any idiot can be a Progressive, or even a Liberal. It takes intelligence and maturity to appreciate the role of Conservatism.
    Are you gonna deny that Biden is a mental mess who cant even complete a sentence? He studders and misspeaks, and makes up stories that everyone knows damn well isn’t true. .

    Keep voting for your mentally handicapped president and keep this country in the lousy condition that it’s currently in.
    If you have a person who has dementia and they have zero ability to manage their own lives how can anyone expect them to run this country? Joey Bydumb is the dumbest man to run for, and to be president in the past 100 years. Explain to us why you Leftists don't care that this country that has turned into a Banana Republic.
    If you're still confused, Mommy will explain with shot words you can understand.

  53. Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis, you should be charged with criminal racketeering for abuse of power.
    You are a self centered, narcissistic DA
    hungry for attention & power..
    The Crime rate has skyrocketed in Atlanta while you are playing politics with your position!
    You are another democrat activist puppet
    Interfering in the elections against the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump.
    You are part of the corrupt, continuous witch hunt that is taking place with the Biden government against political opponents!
    Justice is the last thing on your mind, Shame on you !

  54. We need to rise up and take our country back from this demented old senile fool. .

  55. Funny you mention the Democrat playbook.

    Remember, if you wanna know what Demicrats are up to it is always what they're accusing someone on the right of doing.

    Keep bleeting: "Trump baaaaaahd! Read the indictment! Baaah. Read my blog! Baaaaah. Baaah!"

    No thanks. Thanks to you I only really have time to work in order to pay for millions of sheep, while you and your puppetmasters make everything more difficult and more expensive every day.


  56. The Progressive BS Artist said;
    “As is usual for you WYD escapees, you don't know squat. But that never stops y'all from exposing your ignorance.”
    Spoken like a True Big Mouthed Name Calling Obsessed Republican Hater

  57. Found on Line
    "Rattrapper" is an escapee from the blog "Who's Your Daddy." Apparently that blog went dark, and "Rattrapper" and his sock puppets have been surfing the web looking for other blogs where they can post their puerile comments.

    I'm pretty sure "Rattrapper" is a 12-year old emotionally challenged boy.

    He obviously doesn't know how to use a search engine.

  58. Hilary pulled the "Russia Russia Russia!" stunt and wasted years of our lives on the collusion hoax, and also claimed an election was stolen. Where's your hatred and disdain for her? Why isn't SHE being indicted, and why aren't HER supporters being locked up and held for years without trial? Did you know the right to a speedy trial is also in the Constitution?

    Oh yeah. Because she's a Democrat. And because, rules for thee...


  59. And because we now live in a banana Republic where our justice system, which we have pay for, is turned against us. And we also have to pay those responsible for turning it against us!



  60. In San Francisco the bakery’s are refusing to serve the Police because it’s the bakery has a policy of NOT allowing guns inside the store. So NO COPS are allowed in bakeries.

    I wonder if that means if the store gets robbed or has some kind of event. Their policy is clear, no one armed can enter their stores, not even the police. I guess if police get a call they either have to check their weapons outside or not respond to calls there. You lefties are getting what you deserve and what you voted for!

    That’s the confirmed policy of the bakery chain Reem’s. One of the officers was denied service last weekend because he was in uniform. Reem’s confirms that they will not serve ANYONE ARMED AND IN UNIFORM. Presumably, this includes members of the US Military.
    Alright then , good luck to Reem's if they should ever need assistance
    They'd Be the First Ones to Get Their Little Piggy Snouts in an uproar and Sue if, when they actually needed assistance, the cops didn't get there fast enough to suit their Stupid, Hypocritical Asses. Just yet another Idiotic woke policy from the Nuttie Californians.

  61. Well I guess it was all for NOTHING!

    And the Dems really, truly thought they had him this time.

    They were so excruciatingly close to incarcerating their Orange Boogie man, they could practically taste it.

    Instead, all they've managed to do is fire up his base with a defiant Robin Hood like mugshot that reveals Joe Piss In His Pants Biden and the Dem Establishment to be one big fat collective Sheriff of Rottingham.

    “There will be multiple motions to remove the Georgia case to federal court for defendants like Trump and Meadows,” said (Attorney Jonathan) Turley. Carlson said that the likelihood of a removal petition by even one defendant — given that Wills has vowed to prosecute all defendants together — means that pre-trial proceedings in that case “could take up to a year.” These motions create an “ample opportunity for him to delay the trial,” Carlson claimed.

    For these reasons, it is unlikely that Trump will face a jury in any of his cases before voters cast their ballots on Nov. 5, 2024.
    I hate to say we told ya so....but...well....

    I told ya so.

    The Dems' election "Rigging" tactics will be the final boss battle, not their pathetic attempt to defeat Trump before he can even enter the ring.

    Now on to 2024, Happy MAGA Warriors.

  62. TRUMP weaponized government so the Cult MUST project blame to Democrats and prosecutors for doing their job.

    October 8, 2020:

    Trump calls for Biden, Obama to be indicted in 'greatest political crime in history'


    So, what was the "greatest political crime in history"? Apparently not the assassination of Lincoln. Trump declares he was treated "worse than any president".

    If you believe that lie, you're in a cult.

  63. Adam Schiff was actually caught authoring and attempting to present false evidence to his own Impeachment committee. The Democrats would have 'given their left arm' for actual evidence and whistle blowers of crimes as there exists against the Bidens... There is actual witnesses who set up meetings and were in attendance in meetings in which Joe Biden and Hunter Biden discussed the financial activities, to include - as the NY (Slimes) reports in this article - the negotiations of several deals to include the 'China' deal that consisted of $1.5 BILLION going to the Bidens. Several members of the Biden family have been proven to have hugely financially benefitted from using the Biden name and Joe's position as VP, too include Hunter and Joe's brother....yet Joe Biden, a millionaire politician, wants Americans to believe that while his family just so happened to be making millions from nations Joe Biden personally visited and was responsible for negotiating with he personally had no knowledge it was going on (he claimed he had no idea what Biden was doing and never met with anyone Hunter worked with) and was not involved....which has been proven to be FALSE..
    Now tell us about “komrad Trump” you lying sack of SHIT!