Tuesday, May 14, 2024

A Conversation with Senate Candidate Dr. Sherry O'Donnell

I spoke with Dr. Sherry O'Donnell who is seeking the GOP nomination for Senator from the state of Michigan. It's a grassroots effort against, primarily (pun intended), Mike Rogers.

We talked about Israel, Ukraine (she has been there often as a medical missionary) Taiwan, government limitations, term limits and a number of other topics.

We took a call about the legitimacy of Israel.

Your American Heritage 5 11 2024


  1. Thank you for sharing all this. 💙

    1. I can only pray for the best for her. She sure has the energy and drive in her voice. I pray for Michigan.


  2. I am Sick, and disgusted by the Progressive Communist Democrats in the Obama/Biden Administration who sought to acknowledge the death of Ebrahim Raisi a Despicable Mass Murderer widely known as the "Butcher of Tehran" for his 1988 signature on an execution order that led to the deaths of thousands of innocents and other dissidents who opposed the despotic and theocratic Islamic regime, and responsible for the 1988 execution of thousands of Iranian prisoners Not to mention the disgusting systematic rape of women to prevent them from entering the afterlife as a virgin and the Hanging and Roof-Tossing of Gays. It is estimated that a minimum of a Few Thousand and as many as 30,000 Were Killed by Hanging or Firing Squad.
    What is also known is the Despicable speed and efficiency of killing, with hangings using forklifts every half hour, and the Dumping of Dead Bodies in piles on trucks, a method and pace that traumatized the executioners themselves. Virgins were systematically raped before their execution, to circumvent the Islamic prohibition on killing virgins and to prevent women and girls from reaching heaven
    But then again, the Progressive Communist Democrats have screwed both the Americans and the Iranians, starting with former President Jimmy Carter, the father of Islamo-fascism, including former President Barack Obama, who single-handedly resuscitated Iran's faltering economy and set them on a path to nuclear-armed ballistic missiles capable of striking the United States, to President Joe Biden, who has relaxed sanctions on Iran and allowed billions of dollars to flow into Iran's state-sponsored terrorism that is directed at a U.S. ally.
    where politicians play, lived a crooked shyster, slick in his way.
    His name was Joe Biden, with a smile so wide, but beneath the grin, dark secrets did hide.
    He promised the people the moon and the stars, but his hands were deep in the cookie jars.
    There is no doubt in MY mind that the Democrats cannot be trusted with the safety and security of the United States, its Sovereignty, the Rule of Law, or Our Economy.
    What does it say about the progressive communist democrat party when they nominate an individual, Barack Obama, with a sketchy background and known associations with domestic terrorists and communists, to be the President of the United States?

    A President who uses the power of America to resuscitate and revitalize Iran’s economy, a hostile foreign power whose mantra is “Death to America?” Putting Iran on the path to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missile delivery systems?

    Even worse, what does it say about the progressive communist democrat party when they nominate another individual, Joe Biden, who is mentally unable to fulfill the role of the President of the United States and is surrounded by acolytes of his sketchy predecessor, Obama?

  3. There is ABSOLUTELY no doubt in my mind that President Joe Biden is unfit to serve as the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief.

    Not only is he physically impaired and experiencing balance and stability issues, but he is grossly cognitively impaired to the point where his memory malfunctions to the extent he is not well grounded in time and location. He experiences difficulty reading the teleprompter and often slurs his words into incoherent sounds. Moreover, he is a habitual liar who says anything that comes to mind.

    Unfortunately, his wife, and his handlers, and Obama acolytes, have a vested interest in maintaining power for as long as possible. No Matter What the Consequences may be

    In addition to limiting his public appearances and providing extensive directions with pictures, Biden still gets it wrong and spouts any nonsense. That may come to him.

    You cannot even trust his recorded communications, which often require several attempts to patch together even a 15-second statement, and or his judgement in speaking off the cuff.

  4. Biden Says, "What Was The Question".

    As Biden stumbles through press conference with Kenyan president: He stopped, and stumbled through his papers and remarked. ‘WHAT WAS MY QUESTION?’if that’s not enough to disqualify this man as a supposedly “impartial” moderator of the most important presidential debate since Lincoln-Douglas, Jake Tapper was openly hostile toward anyone who questioned the dubious election results of 2020, refused to report on the Hunter Biden laptop story and compared Trump to Adolf Hitler for his stance on illegal immigration.

    “Heck, with That Kind of Resume, We Might as Well Have Jill Biden Moderate the Debate:
    The whole poit is how can a Nation like the United States of America have a man who is border-line Dementia possibly due to Alzheimer's, who has no idea what the heck he is doing, or where he is running thi country. Especially at the desperate time this country is in.
    How can we allow this Senile Man to have the code to our Nuclear system?
    The President of the United States, always accompanied by a military aide carrying a satchel containing nuclear launch codes, has sole authority to order nuclear warfare or respond in kind to such an enemy attack.
    Now the Countries top Politicians of the current president’s own party are asking President Joe Biden to surrender that unilateral power