Monday, May 27, 2024

Memorial Day, Remembering America

 I spoke with Scott Powell, author of Rediscovering America.Rediscovering America a look at American holidays and their significance.

In this interview, Scott gives the history and background of Memorial Day. And it's purpose.

Perhaps on Memorial Day, we should remember the America that was.

Your American Heritage 5 25 2024


  1. Ed,
    Yes, we are at war. Not a shooting war, but a war on our knees that obviously is being waged against anyone of faith.
    What I cannot believe is how Joe showed himself as a "faithful Catholic."

    1. Ed,
      Please change "showed himself" to "portrayed himself."

      Also, I read your comment on the article on the Bedford Boys. I agree.

  2. To say that WE Republican’s and Trump Supporters are furious over the outcome of Trump's phony, and Rigged trial is an UNDER STATEMENT! . They are incensed that Democrats to use law that nobody even knew existed to find Trump Guilty of those “Trumped Up” multiple felonies. This is just outrageous, and they used laws that were made up as they went along, to even find a Crime that the Judge cooked up when giving his instructions. This was a Anti-Trump Judge, who even had his own Daughter working for Biden’s re-election and was raising funds for him.
    However , no matter what they accomplished Trump is the favorite, now even more than ever.
    .The right will immediately circle the troops, pull out all the stops and mount an attack like no one has ever seen before. The only holdup is trying to figure out what can be done that MAGAs haven't already been doing for a long time. It's been suggested that there will be a wave of impeachments and charges levied at the left like no one has ever seen before. Unfortunately, they have been trying to do that for a long time. The phrase "Lock her up" has been used for years, so that won't be the new way they focus the attack. Blocking legislation, and Impeachment attempts haven't worked very well. About all that they can think of for now is to send more money to trump. I'm sure that will make the Democrats tremble in fear. Don't worry the Republicans in Congress are really smart and the MAGAs will come up with something, and it will be awesome.
    But the Felonies won’t change a thing! All this does is prove in court that Trump has got the same responsibility to the “law” that the rest of us peasants do. I don’t see any of these other multimillionaire elected career politicians getting convicted for felonies. None of the multimillionaire pedos who raped kids on Epstein Island have ever even seen a felony charge. But the bad bad Orange Man, who the entire establishment hates, they got him for more Felonies than Al Capone. This is the ruling of a giant hot-pink flaming kangaroo court. The MAGAs are furious over the outcome of Trump's trial. They are incensed that Democrats have used non-existing laws to find Trump Guilty of those felonies.
    The Libs, brought this upon themselves. Go ahead and continue to Gloat, we’ll see who wins in the end.

  3. The constraints against Jefferson freeing his slaves was he didn't have the "pink slip" so to speak. It was very common to use them as collateral for loans, and Jefferson died deeply in debt. Lee's father in law stipulated his slaves were to be freed upon his death. Unfortunately, he was in the same condition as Jefferson. Lee had to work hard to get the estate in order, pay off debts so he became the legal owner and could free them. While he did this he set up an illegal school to teach skills to the slave they would need in the business world - literacy, writing, math.