Thursday, May 17, 2012

3.5 million people heard this!

My friend Pascal prompted:
A short little MP3 interlude in which our host discusses with the former Reagan Secretary of Education (Bill Bennett) why talk show hosts do not call Obama a "Socialist".


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  2. Clever Ed. Had you asked him why it is "Salem talk show hosts..." he might not have taken your call. You were very polite. You even gave him a opening to irritate both Levin and Savage by inferring they are somehow lesser than he (for being too offensive) while associating those two antagonists with each other. LOL

    Now that it's been disclosed that a big Obama bundler had bribed Rev. Wright with $150K in 2008 to fade into the woodwork, I imagine all Salem hosts will be applauding Romney's "good judgment" in distancing himself from those who find that distressing.

  3. Rita, I try to modulate my voice when on the radio, to have more gravitas. Sometimes I forget.
    Thanks, NFO.
    Pascal, Yeah, I don't imagine a "convention" would not exist with Salem hosts outside of the SRN.
    I listen to Savage for a bit once in a while, but I find his "Me against the world" shtick off-putting.
    But I was surprised to hear Bennett give him attention, unless it's as you suggest.

  4. Pleasant update. I was wrong.

    Salem recently added Heidi Harris to their stable. (At least in Los Angeles). And this morning she was hard against Romney's stance on Rev Wright in no uncertain terms.

    Now if she can only influence the rest of the stable to go in the Right direction in counter-point to how Medved influences them to go in the GOP-E direction. Not likely. I fear she won't be tolerated there after her presence raises their ratings.

  5. Just watching The Five reporting that Hannity played Obama's reading of his book about attending the Socialist meetings to some people on the streets on NY. None of them had ever heard that. I find that amazing that people don't know that. But you know, the media and the Administration has done an excellent job at portraying Fox News as liars so anyone that is drinking the MSM koolaid will never find out any of this stuff because we have no journalist anymore. We just have parrots of the Administration.