Friday, May 18, 2012


I commented this as Rita's.
I thought I'd post it here, also.
Hope she doesn't own the copyright on comments at her blog.

A few years ago, we went to Cozumel as part of a cruise.
This shop guy accosts us on the busy street to come in and look around.
We said we'd check him out on the way back.
He said, no you won't, you'll buy somewhere else.
So we stopped.

We had no intention of buying anything, anywhere.
He had no intention of letting us go.

I've never negotiated better than that day, by not wanting something.
He asked what we were interested in and Scherie wanted a pendant, but didn't care if she got one or not (I love her).
He'd show us something, we'd critique it.
I never made a counter-offer.
I just kept saying "not interested".
Then he showed us something that looked good, but set in an "Italian Horn" which we said we didn't care for.
He finally offered to reset the stone if I waited, at a price I couldn't resist.
I didn't buy a pendant (my wife loves).
I bought an experience.


  1. Yeah, keep saying no and they see it as a challenge... :-)

  2. I was about seven when my lack of interest and genuine intimidation caused by the thieves market of Matamoras led to an encounter with a tenacious merchant.

    He had a set of bull horns which he offered for ten dollars. I balked and really wanted to move on, because I wasn't interested and only had five dollars. He insisted on his hard sell and I politely listened, since he was an adult and that's how I was taught to react.

    He continued and I continued to shake my head. He finally reached two dollars and I decided that left me three more dollars for something else. We agreed, he flinched when I handed him the five dollar bill and my father, who I didn't notice was standing close, made sure I received the correct change.

  3. I'll forego the licensing fees this time.

  4. Yea, NFO.
    That is so cool Jess.
    I won't charge if you post that, following Rita's example.