Saturday, May 12, 2012

Early Saturday Morning

Well, I gotta tell ya, I'd like to post more often. But life's been hectic, long hours at work or driving there and back.
I read a comment from bloviating zeppelin at another site wherein he says he won't visit a site that doesn't post daily.
I don't expect he's reading this then.
His loss.
I'm not opposed to posting daily content to keep readership, but I don't have the time.
I had hoped to post earlier in the week about Biden being more evolved than Obama, but then Obama sped up his evolutionary process and supports gay marriage now.
A lot of people do.
"Oh, Jesus is all about love, and He never condemned gay marriage."
I don't think you could quote Him directly about bestiality either.
But the Bible does, about both.
I guess I'm a hater.
Hard to tell when I'm at a gay friends house for Christmas.
Anyways, I was awakened about 4:40 am by maintenance at the plant, and it's 5:40 now.
They lost ethernet and I managed to talk them through getting a machine running that will keep from shutting down an auto plant.
I'm supposed to get up in about a half hour to go get breakfast and head to the range with the men from my church.
Breakfast first, then range, then see "The Avengers" with my son, then take my wife to her high school re-union dinner.
I think I'll go just go get the ammo together.
Have a blessed day.


  1. It's all about time. If you have the time, and the inspiration, you can write two,or three, times each day. If not, then you write when you can.

    I didn't know there was an unspoken rule about writing at least once each day.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jess.
    Actually, a blog I like a lot posted this:
    You might find it interesting.

  3. Thanks, Ed...what a surprise to read this comment!

    I could post 1 a day or 5 a day depending on my time and how many really good articles I get via email from friends with "TOPIC FOR THE BLOG?" (am frankly getting a little tired of that, by the way!)
    but I always post every day...I am busy but not like you are. And, since my husband's passing, I have more time to do this (tho I did it when he was alive and loved my blog, too!)'s up to us! BZ wasn't insulting, he just meant he doesn't have the energy to click on blogs and find nothing new there a few times in a row.....and then he gets discouraged and stops clicking on that blog. Make sense?

    I'm glad you enjoy GeeeeZ, I sure enjoy your comments there. and I always enjoy everything you write.

    I hope the reunion dinner was nice!! (leave the ammo at home!)

  4. Since I don't read this blog everyday (because I'm not stalking you) I really don't see why you would have to post everyday. They got them that twitter thing for that.

  5. Blog at your own pace Ed, I enjoy what I read here!

  6. I'm with ya on this one Ed. I read BZ occasionally because I see him comment on several of the blogs I read. I like his stuff. But I was a bit surprised at the "rules" he has for reading.

    I have my blog read list sorted by last posting date, so I can easily see what's the latest post. When you were at your old site, it wouldn't update so I would sometimes forget to check until I saw you comment on my site or someone elses. Thankfully this new one puts in the timeing list.

    Z's is like an addiction to me most times. I love the interaction and it feeds my political junky monster.

    I'm impressed that someone has the drive to post often. I have a hundred ideas in my head of posts while I'm driving and away from my computer, but for most posts I like to take a lot of time getting the right ideas down, so my very few "good" posts can sometimes take a few hours.

    Some just "write themselves", but most take me awhile, so I don't post everyday.

    And I like to leave my posts there a few days before I post again. Not everyone comes by for a daily visit.

  7. I check back at sites that don't post daily to see the comment interchange. Like at your site, Rita.