Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Recommendations

I'd like to recommend a few movies, particularly to those people of faith, if you get my drift.
First, anything by the Kendricks Brothers.
These are a couple of guys from Sherwood Baptist church that got some financing to make an "outreach" film for their community and support from their church.
Most of the actors were church members. The movie is Flywheel, and it's about a used car dealer. It is a hoot. It is far better than you could hope a first film with a bunch of amateurs could be, and a lot of fun.
Next is "Facing the Giants", and it is a movie about a failing high school football coach who turns to God for help in his life. Not based on a true story. Probably on a number of true stories. Very uplifting and exciting with humor and drama.
Then they did "Fireproof" which when I think of, I don't get so excited about, but when I watch, I think "Why didn't I remember how good this is?".
But "Courageous", right from the opening scene, is non-stop good movie. Action, humor, drama, shooting, cops, humor, faith, and a testimony to what a man should be.
This is a movie I'd like the opinion of an og, or an Old NFO, or Mark, Joe, Pascal or any of my other male blog correspondents. Seriously. I'm wondering if I'm off base about how well I think it is made.

Outside of the Kendricks Brothers, I'd recommend "Faith Like Potatoes", which is based on a true story of a farmer in South Africa and his journey from being an angry racist  to being a major influence for good (and God) in that country.
Another is "Perfect Stranger" (and it's sequel "Another Perfect Stranger") in which an agnostic businesswoman has dinner with a man she did not expect to meet and the conversation that they have over that dinner.
Similar to this movie is another called "The Encounter" (which is a little Twilight Zoneish) in which a group of five people seeking shelter from a storm in a roadside diner meet a man called Jesus. If you're a Christian, you'll probably enjoy this. If not, maybe not.

Can't forget "Soul Surfer". Or "October Baby", or "Letters to God"

One thing about all these movies is that they are well acted, filmed and scripted, something which used to be not so true of "Christian" movies.

"Christmas with a Capital C" is another one and it features Brad Stine, one of the comedians from "The Apostles of Comedy" DVD.
Here's Brad:

He also has a great part in "Sarah's Choice.
This is so worth listening to:

 I hope this was helpful.
A friend in church was asking for something like this, so here you go Marcia.