Thursday, June 14, 2012

Epilepsy Journal (final edition?)

Scherie's surgery is at 7:30 AM Friday.
Takes between 4-6 hours.
Taking more brain out, not just some minor scarring as I thought previously.
All hand crafted labor, no lasers, no robots.
Made in America.
All goes well, she's home Sunday night.
Just thought some of you would want to know.
Thank you to everyone praying for her.


  1. Thoughts and prayers continue for y'all. Hope this will fix the problem!

  2. She might be home SUNDAY after a six hour brain surgery? That's amazing. I have marked my calender and will definitely be praying! Blessings and peace and comfort and wisdom for the doctors....all the best to you both! Let us know as soon as you can.xx

  3. Here's hoping this is the solution.

    I'm getting a good vibe.

  4. you guys are in my prayers

  5. Surgery ought be over by now. Be well Scherie. Best wishes Ed.