Friday, June 15, 2012

Scherie Update

Scherie is in a room now in NICU here at UM.
She's responsive. Has not talked to me yet but hears and obeys the nurses.
Her head is wrapped in bandages but I see hair sticking out.
They removed a lot of brain scar tissue.
She no longer has the thick plastic plate under her scalp.
It has been replaced by a titanium mesh, no adamantium :(
She will probably be released Sunday, but her head wil hurt.
Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.


  1. William Stryker: "The tricky thing about adamantium is, that if you ever manage to process its raw, liquid form, you got to keep it that way, keep it hot. Because once the metal cools, it's indestructible. But you already know that."

    Titanium will probably be good enough :-)

    Didn't you say a Doctor told you once that the brain couldn't scar? Sounded like BS to me too.

  2. I can only pray for the best result.

  3. Thanks.
    I just got back from talking to the surgeon.
    After I posted this, she had a seizure. It was almost unnoticeable. she stopped being responsive so they ran a cat scan. She had severe hemorrhaging.
    They stopped it and she's in post-op now.
    Another cat scan in a couple hours and then wake her up to see if any damage occurred. Which is low percentage probability.

  4. Glad there is a positive update!

  5. I've prayed a couple of times, Ed....thanks for the update and let us know how it's going.xx

  6. Sorry I missed this post Ed. I hope she's doing better. That has to so scary.