Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've been kicked out of better joints than this...

I recently visited a blog and found a post on the subject of evolution.
In comments, I politely disagreed with the host about anyone being crazy for not buying the evolution scam.
As an aside, do you know that you once would have been ridiculed out of the scientific community for not buying into global warming?
Evolution is like that.
If you know me at all, you know I'm not rude or combative generally.
There was a polite reply from the host to my comment.
The next time I went to visit the site I got a message that said:

HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden

Access forbidden. The request generated an error and has been logged.

Silly me, I thought there might be a problem with the website.
Today I went to the blog and found I could access it from work.
Out of curiosity, I went to the post to read my comment and see if I was more contentious than I thought.
Lo and behold, my comment and the reply had been deleted.
I'll miss the snide snarkyness and wit usually displayed at that site, but I'm amazed that someone would react in such a way.

In other news today,
Due to some work related issues and lack of sleep, I am feeling rather down.
I should be up. 
The weather is finally nice.
Over the weekend I fixed some holes in the bottom of my boat and it doesn't sink as fast now.
Scherie and I went out on the lake Labor Day evening to watch the sun go down and it was nice.
Until the we heard drunken idiot being towed back to the launch.
Everybody must have heard him.
Bellow is the word that comes to mind.
I still hear echoes of the repetitive F-bomb and the constant reference to the whore (his description) sitting next to him.
I have no idea why the pontoon boat towing him didn't cut him loose.
As I was waiting for Scherie to back up the trailer to pull our boat out, I heard them arguing some more.
She said something to the effect of "I have the keys to the truck and I'm leaving without you."
Whereupon she did.

He did however think to compliment me on my boat (which is a regular occurrence).

I'm just thinking that it's a good thing that his boat was disabled what with his drunken stupidity, the diminished visibility of the evening  and the apparent 450 horsepower of the V8 in the back of his watercraft.

Remembering that evening has been a tonic for my soul.


  1. banned from a blog, you much have hit a nerve over there ED

  2. Why, you're one of the nicest people I ever came across on the internet.

    I also know that you're probably too polite to "spill" as to who it is/was.


  3. I still don't get it. I remember the comment, there certainly was nothing out of line by any stretch of the imagination and I do not know how you can block someone from your blog. That's why many people are in moderation.

    Seems really odd to me.

  4. I just googled that and apparently you would get a 401 error if the website blocked you. I'm wondering if your home computer may have an issue with that site now.

    Remember your site was down for some of us last week.

  5. If you still had copy (I tend to keep a set when I fear I'm in an unfriendly place) or a recollection of what was pulled, it is fitting for you to reproduce it here. The PC world needs to be fought, not in all instances, but in clear cases where the "liberal" has been caught censoring rational counter-arguments. It's the best way to get to those who still blindly call themselves liberal.

    Add it to your collected evidence of reality and maybe it will play a part in breaking another currently lost mind free from the Left's collective.

  6. Thanks guys.
    I'm hoping it's a misunderstanding on one of our parts (or both), but to me, the clincher is the removed comment. That doesn't usually happen by accident.
    by all means Pasc, I don't think the author is a liberal, but politics doesn't come up that often there.
    It's usually hilarious observations on life situations.

  7. No, not a liberal. Too many post blasting Obama, but I was surprised by the evolution/creation post atypical. Not that there is any discussion on the site regarding that issue. I can attest there was nothing wrong with Ed's comment. I don't remember it word for word but only that he made some comment about the evolution theory.

    I am still surprised that the comment was removed and just can't believe someone would be blocked for that.

  8. People have a hard time with God because he doesn't say things like "Beam me up, Scotty" or put his phaser on stun.

  9. Not a liberal. Then that's even worse. I had a similar situation happen to me on a the blog of a well-respected, constantly linked, conservative. It's made me wary of him as his success got even better. I've a series of emails with him that ended when I found fault with McCain. He came back at me like I was nuts. But my prediction was dead on. He never apologized. But he's still well off and in an even more influential position. Few people would believe me except for the proof of my emails. I've been advised to cool it since he's still too popular and usually says the right thing. But when it comes to faith-based discussions, he'll not permit you to even suggest there is a possibility that you are right and he is wrong. I'm glad to see I have you for company in the treatment. However, it is no fun, is it? Reproduce it. I still wish I had.

  10. People who refuse to discuss or consider other viewpoints are doomed to ignorance. I read liberal blogs because I want to see all sides to a story. Often my beliefs are strengthened. Occasionally I am forced to think.

    I have only deleted one comment from my blog, it was so over the top with hate I could not let it stand. You are always polite, I am certain you were not offensive.

  11. Reading is one thing. "Pimping" is another.

  12. Anon:
    I'm not following you. Could you elaborate?

  13. Ed The Pimp. I think we have a new name for up you Ed. I have no clue what Anon is talking about either.

  14. Ed, can you tell from the IP address where Anon is from? Surely that's not our friend, ooops I mean your former friend. ;)

  15. Not to sound too self-centered, perhaps Anon was referring to my comment?

  16. Not to sound too self-centered, perhaps Anon was referring to my comment?

  17. I wondered that too, Joe. But I don't think it fits.
    I don't see e-mail addresses of commenters or their ip at this blog, like my old.
    BTW, you can IP block blogger access. I googled it last night.
    I just didn't think the blogger in question was that technically proficient, given the self-described place of employment.
    Having said that, wouldn't it be interesting if the whole blog portrayal of daily activities and interaction with the "gen-pop" was a work of creative writing, fiction by some computer nerd in his mom's basement?

  18. Ed the Pimp.
    I can see the avatar now.

  19. I have no idea what blog it is or what happened, but what a thing to do to a fellow blogger! I'm sorry that happened. I am glad to read, however, that Scherie's back to driving, etc., !! that's FABULOUS!! And I laughed at your line 'it doesn't sink as fast now'!

    Ed, not too far off-topic, may I say that one of the black girls at the school at which I work now is struggling with her faith (Christian Dad not living with family and strong Muslim BLack-American Mom)...our receptionist heard her talking this last week, several times, with some of our really smarter kids who are committed Christians, and this black girl is struggling with Evolution re Creationism; OUr Christian Receptionist got pulled into the conversation and she reminded the Muslim girl that Evolution is racist and that there are evolutionists who put a black man in a zoo with chimpanzees years ago...etc. I'd read this book YEARS ago so I know that's true. After much input and thinking, the (very very bright) girl is now being heard saying things like "I'm leaning against evolution now...."
    She then asked the Receptionist why God could welcome a sinner for only finally repenting from his death bed? How could he be saved just for believing at the last minute before he died? WHat did he do to deserve the 'late salvation'? The Receptionist told her it was Jesus's death on the cross which paid that...nothing the dying man had done. THat half muslim girl who came to our Christian school 2 years ago very sure in her mother's faith is now changing...........through being preached at? No, from the goodness of the school's administration (all Christians) and through seeing young kids who are believers AND being exposed to chapel and the requisite Old or New Testament classes.
    WHo knows what's changing her heart for sure? GOD! :-)
    praise GOd.
    If this is 'too religious' or doesn't toe the typical AMerican line anymore, please feel free to delete this and block me. OH, I FORGOT, Conservatives and CHristians generally don't do that! THey're willing to discuss and educate and are fair losers if their witnessing doesn't work(for now). Pardon me for even thinking you'd do anything as silly as block me :-) (lots of sarcasm here, of course!)

  20. Z: I am honored that you (and everyone else here) comments.
    I have the greatest respect for the community of bloggers I interact with, believers and not.
    I'm serious when I say that "evolution" is going to be the next "global warming", an intellectual scam.
    OK, I see my next post sizing up.
    I was concerned about the young girl questioning her faith until I realized it was her muslim faith she was questioning.
    I live near Dearborn, MI.
    Dearborn is the "home" of the Ford Motor Company, and years ago, the mayor Orville Hubbard was famous for keeping blacks out. Now it is West Yemen (I just coined that).
    I've lived in the ME, on the economy.
    OK, another post, I got sidetracked.
    What I was getting at was that I interact with outreaches to the muslim community at times.
    They report that a number of muslims are being visited by our Lord in visions, and turning to Him.
    These are people genuinely seeking Truth and not religion.
    I pray that this young girl finds Him.
    If this is too religious, tell me and I'll delete me and block me from commenting here again.

  21. Or you could have visitors like Western Hero who told him that she (the commenter) had "been a tolerant host here" and she reminded him to refrain from posting offensive comments ON HIS OWN SITE. It was quite entertaining.