Saturday, September 1, 2012


Conspiracy buffs who think the government can keep everything covered up must come to one of two conclusions:
1) They can't.
2) They just gave up.


  1. breathn' a bit easier now that I do not get the "This Blog Has Been Removed" warning when I stop by.

    Weirdness prevails.

  2. What!?!?
    I don't understand why when I look at stats, it might show no viewers one day and 20 the next.
    And on days it shows zero, I see a reference to that very post elsewhere.
    Yesterday something happened and google wanted me to verify my account via text message.
    I wonder if that was concurrent with what you saw.

  3. Yep, you go away every once in a while Ed... and they just don't care!!!

  4. I'm really hoping the Romney campaign uses this in the next few weeks.
    But they won't., darn.

    I"ve never seen THIS BLOG HAS BEEN REMOVED here, but how weird is THAT?!!

  5. i have to go through your old blog to get here, My blog wont let me link directly to this new blog on my recommended blog list. as for the vid of Biden, compared to his usual comments this almost seems like a moment of clarity for him.