Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Sunday

I just watched a DVD called More Than Dreams.
Rather, I watched the first two of five vignettes.

The video represents the stories of five muslims, from five different muslim nations, who each has a vision of Jesus Christ calling them to Him.

I've heard of this phenomena for a few years now.

Each person is struggling to know God and to know His will for their life, to have a close relationship with Him.

What struck me most was the first story of Dini, an Indonesian girl who is struggling with unforgiveness, even after becoming a Christian.
Events conspire to bring her to a position where she must deal with this, even as she tells her story to a stranger on a train. Very remarkable, moving story.

As I watched this, I realized that I must come to grips with the unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and hostility towards those who enabled Obama (and Obama himself!!! Lord Help Me!) to ruin this country.

Og at Neanderpundit was describing his feelings about this and I found myself in agreement.
Yet I have two women in my church (friends in fact, both of whom were very supportive of Scherie while she was recovering) who are also in the Bible Study I moderate/teach, and they both voted for Obama.

I cannot let this anger impede my responsibility to teach that class, or interact in church. (and life).

This morning I was watching Dr. Charles Stanley speak on TV. And he was speaking about forgiveness, and how we must walk in forgiveness to walk with God.

I get the message, now I need the technique.

I must balance my sense of righteous anger at the situation with the knowledge  that they really do "Know not what they do".

The same goes toward the millions of Christians who could not get off their butts and pull the lever for the mormon.

I must forgive them also, whether they want it or not. I'm sure they don't.


  1. Wow, super post, Ed. I agree with you about forgiveness but it's so difficult now! I know so many good Christian Americans who are unfriending on Facebook and telling me they can't face their Obama-voting friends anymore; some were long-time friends.
    That people couldn't see how badly Obama's lied and how badly he did the last four years is horrible and I believe we must forgive and only need to be cordial. The director of the bible study I led until I started working full time 3 months ago, always reminded us that we needn't FORGET when we FORGIVE. It keeps us wary and smarter in the future.

    A friend attended a private dinner party recently at which Jack Hafer (sp?) was a guest and spoke...actually, the friend was my pastor. He told us that Hafer says Muslims are having dreams of Jesus...I've heard that MANY times. I suppose that since it's life-threatening to embrace or even seek Jesus in those countries, this is the way he is appearing.
    It gives me great hope, even now in America where so may of us have lost hope. Thank God we have the true hope.

    xxx me

  2. Forgiveness is a powerful lesson. Often difficult though.

    (Sneaked onto the 'net today to thank you once again for your service, Sir, and tell you I hope you have a good day today. Feel free to pass that message on to your family and friends who have served and are serving, as well.)

  3. Thanks for the linkage. yes, it's hard. But forgive and remember, do not forgive and forget.

  4. God forgives and forgets.
    He didn't build me that way.