Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

My Dad (Normandy, Bastogne).
My Uncle Babe (South Pacific Island Campaigns Silver Star)
My Wife Scherie's Uncle Ed (Navy/ Korea)
My friend Nate (Pearl and Normandy, Bronze Star, MSgt)
My Brother in Laws brother Rick and sister Rhonda (USAF/Vietnam)
His son, my nephew Tom (Marines/Desert Storm)
My friend Jeff (Marines/Can't tell you, Would have to kill you)
Myself (Vietnam Era/NATO and Tactical Air Command)
My stepson Scott (Navy SCPO/Underwater)
My niece Caridad (USAF/Okinawa)
Her sister/my adopted daughter Charity (Army/Iraq)
Their sister Kenna and her husband Andrew (Navy/Japan)
Their brother Tim (National Guard)
My friend Chris (Army 11B/Afghanistan)
My friend Debi (Army)

By the way, I'm name-dropping.
I'm proud to know these people.

I'm in good company.


  1. Yes! Let's thank these people who became the heroes of our country. Happy Veteran's Day!

  2. Ed,
    Off topic....

    Sorry for my recent absence in visiting your site. I simply haven't had time to make regular blog rounds. Nor have I had the heart to do much blogging lately.

    Maybe I'll feel a bit better in a couple of days. Tomorrow is the memorial service for my friend -- who has perished at a young age of breast cancer. Five young children! I grieve not for my friend; she is in the arms of the Lord.