Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Listening to some "conservative" commentators, I hear some of the accommodations they are willing to make.
We can tax the really rich, it won't matter much.
We can restrict the capacity of weapons, you only need so many bullets to kill Bambi.

I say, if we're willing to restrict rights, let's restrict the number of words commentators can utter.
If they can't say it in fewer, then it probably doesn't need to be said.

Restrict the size of kitchen knife drawers.
Who needs all those knives for one meal?

Restrict the size of quivers.
Who needs to launch more than three arrows, and why?

Reduce the number of legislators.
Why can't we get along with only one dictator?


  1. Nice.

    Salem Broadcasting talk jocks in particular are fans of this sort of chatter. I'm beyond disappointed in them and in those for whom we allegedly voted to represent our interests and to protect our rights.

    But then again, since you are a regular reader, I know you've seen my new razor, so my stance is not news to you.

    It's now down to calling foul as you have done today about all negativity is coming from them, and resolving to make more people aware of our need to raise up new voices while we still may.

    Remember the old urging to "fish or cut bait?" That razor is a tool to cut off the influence of fishy baiters.

  2. How 'bout we restrict the pay of Congress? Paid only while in session, no pay if they don't pass a budget, and pay raises (other than a small cost-of-living increase every four years)have to be ratified by 2/3 of the states, much like amending the Constitution. Call it a performance review by the people.

    1. Great idea in the next republic. In this one, these alley cats won't bell themselves.

      Of course then we will have opened up more reasons for clandestine bribery.

      Thus our American Republic 2.0 will have a fix for that. A sliding scale of punishment when found out. Said Punishments may have no upper limits for the public servants side of the bribe. The punishment for the private side of the bribe will be self-evident when the public servant approach invokes the laws they themselves pass -- or else, well, see the first part of this paragraph.

  3. Pasc: "That razor is a tool to cut off the influence of fishy baiters."
    I like that.
    And your take on Dave's comment.
    I like Dave's idea.
    Nope, NFO, not at all.